Monday, 21 May 2012

beach walks, wool dyeing and reading!!!

The beach was absolutely stunning on Sunday...we went for our regular beach walk and it was just amazingly gorgeous....

the water is so warm at the moment....

feet up!!!

But today was a 'head down with paint brush in hand' kind of day.....boy did I paint some wool. Now I just have to hope this stunning weather we have been experiencing for weeks now hangs around a little longer so I can get it all dry. My verandah is a mass of colour.

But really what I would LOVE to be doing is curling up on the lounge with my new book that just arrived in the mail. I will let you know what it is like...but I know I will love!!!! Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover!!!!

Do you judge a book by its cover?

Have a great week and I would love to hear from you.

xox Jo

Thursday, 17 May 2012

secret life of indigo week

Life in the Indigo World is a little busy at the moment....well I guess it always is but at the moment it just seems a little crazier than usual. With the colder weather in this part of the world comes the higher demand for my hand painted wool...I am supplying craft groups and a few shops as well as my own two fitting in the painting process (and setting, rinsing and drying) is taking over my life just a little. 
I love the outcome and I love receiving the photos of products made and I love the 'oohs and ahhs' when people see it for the first time.

Here are some of my photos from my week....

hand painted rainbow 16ply

my new shop display getting a makeover

My yummy new bike (you will really get sick of seeing it) and my new Indigo sign

the view from my computer chair in my office

I am loving sky and cloud pics and loved the shoes over the wire installation

my new seedlings that have since been transplanted into their real home in the vege garden

more balls of wool before being sent off to a new home

and yet more....

Would really love to hear from was your week? Crafty or domestic?

xox Jo

Monday, 14 May 2012

a great giveaway over at My Poppet....

There is a great giveaway happening over at Cinti's blog.......My Poppet. Her Vintage Bunting Kit has been featured in a wonderful new book by Chloe Owens titled "All Sewn up".

So to be in the running to win this great prize, leave a comment on the My Poppet blog telling her about your proudest crafting moment. What did you make and why was it so special to you?
Entries close 10pm (melbourne time) 22nd May 2012 Winner will be announced on her blog and notified by email
Good luck!


Thursday, 10 May 2012

instagram love.....

I was reading a post by Sarah over at A Beach Cottage Blog the other day and she had recently spent the day switched social media for the day. No computer, so no blogging, no Facebook and no Twitter. She was wondering how she would go....if she would go through hideous withdrawals from the medium that she loves.

And guess what she missed the most??? Yep INSTAGRAM.!!! 
I totally get that!!!
 I love that little app that comes everywhere with me. I love the groovy filters and I love the old fashioned square photos. 
I love that it is creative, fun and easy to use!!!

You can find me at 'indigoinspirations' on Instagram if you haven't already.

Would love to see you over there....

Are you an Instagram addict too?

xox Jo

Monday, 7 May 2012

hand painted wool samples now available...

I have finally put together a little sample package of my hand painted colour options. I have been planning on doing it for so long and when the lovely ladies from Handmaketh requested it, I just had to do it!!! And of course it wasn't painful at all....and didn't even take that long.

Anyway - here they are!!!
You can purchase them for the small charge of $3 from ETSY or email me at with your address.

At this stage there are 11 colour options and the samples are in 16ply. The same colour options are available for all ply's and yarn types. 

Why do we do this to ourselves??? How many times have I put something off then forgotten about it and then when I finally do is easy!!!

Do you ever do this or are you more the type to stick strongly to your to-do list?

Have a great week ♥Jo

Friday, 4 May 2012

have you missed me???

I have been absent from Blogland for a couple of is not like me. Since I started my blog back in July last year I made a commitment to myself and my readers to post 2 or 3 times a week. Sometimes this has been easy and sometimes I have had to push myself, but I have achieved it none the less.

My sister came down suddenly very ill, so I headed down south to Newcastle. I was very lucky that my good friend Sheri lives there and I was welcome to stay as long as I needed.
My sister is now (almost) miraculously better and I can settle back into my busyness and business.

Of course I did some sightseeing and found some great places with my iPhone and Instagram in hand.

make space is a wonderful little co-op type shop just like out art depot 55 here in Mullum.

always love some street art...

and I love this photo from my cousins back verandah...looking down to the ocean.

It is good to be back.....would love to hear from you.

xox Jo

Friday, 20 April 2012

lovin' new red vintage bike

Well it is the second last day of the school holidays.....the sun is out (finally) and the wool is drying. We have had a French WWOOFER here for the last 5 days and thankfully our messy piece of paradise is a little restored due to him loving to garden (and paint for that matter).

We have watched 2 great French movies the last two nights and the subtitles have made it a little difficult to crochet but I worked it out. We have watched 'The Grocer's Son' and 'The Dinner Game'.....
Do you have a favourite French Movie????? 
Let me know as we seem to be on a French movie roll at the moment.

Anyway, I really wanted to introduce you to my new red, shiny, gorgeous, vintage bike......

photographer.....Rani Isaac

What do you think....isn't she just beautiful? I am sure this is not the last you will see of her.

Happy weekend xox Jo