Saturday, 2 July 2011

my very first post.....

I am so excited.....we did it.....Juzzy and me. We worked it out, added things that I didn't even know their names yesterday and changed fonts, colours, put in place my web, etsy shop and facebook page. I am so happy!!!! Can you tell?

Anyway, not sure if anyone will even read very first post. I guess my family and close friends will and in time I might even have a small following....who knows?

So....who am I and what do I do and why the blog??
I am Jo, mum to Kare, Rani and Sasha and owner of Indigo Inspirations. The 'Indigo' part is the part which seems to take up most of my time. I have a shop open three days a week and work from home the rest of the time. The family slot in around it...helping out when they can. I paint wool around them, I roll wool into balls at the dinner table and I knit at the soccer. It is just what I do....oh, and I am lucky that Juzzy does most of the should I admit that?

My blog is going to be a combination of Indigo, crafty stuff, family, fact whatever goes on in our little piece of paradise here in Mullumbimby.

Oh yeh....must tell you.......
Last Saturday I had a stall at the Mullumbimby Craft Expo and even made it to the front page of the local Byron Shire News. Here I am with my baby...I mean my 11 year old, Sasha.

If you do happen to read this I would love you to drop by my facebook page and "like" me, subscribe to my blog, subscribe to my newsletter and leave a yummy comment....
Hope to be back really soon xoxox Jo


  1. Woo hoo well done, what a process. I'm sure it is meant to be easier than that!!!!!

  2. Yay, it looks fantastic - you guys so totally ROCK. I'm so thrilled. Bring on the followers, bring on the blog traffic and bring on the sales hey? I know your blog is going to be filled with gorgeousness (I'm aware that's not a word - but it IS in my vocabulary) and I'm sure you are gonna 'meet' some wonderful bloggers out there on the 'blogosphere'. Welcome to this wonderful community. Can't wait to catch up, Jane xx

  3. Congratulations on starting your blog. I love the pictures of the wool yarn in the background. Much success to you on your new ventures. Enjoy the journey.

  4. Congrats on the new blog I look forward to seeing what you write about!

  5. My little sister is all grown up!
    You'll have the mullem version of better homes and gardens soon, Justin can be the chef, Sashi can be the landscaper/builder and Rani and Kare can be sport and rec.
    Good luck, love your work.
    This is my favorite blog I have ever read( it's also the only blog I've ever read).


  6. Congratulations on the blog and the article! And warmest wishes to you, I look forward to reading your blog regliously. I love the wool borders : )

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  8. well done Jo. looks great luv julia xoxo

  9. yes,finally your blog has arrived. Well done Jo, it's great. Bouncy, sweet and informative and makes me want to come over and wind up beautiful wools with you on your verandah. Keep up the good work in the kitchen Justin and Jo, keep on bloggin' on. Good luck "Indigo Inspirations" lots of love cathxxxx

  10. congratulations on your fourth - sounded like a birth to me! :) love your style, Jo! xoxoxo