Saturday, 26 November 2011

happy weekend....and my new apps

It is not my intention to go quiet on the blog world front....I am just sooooo busy with getting orders out for Christmas that I literally can't fit everything in. I have had a couple of 5.30am starts which is not my normal routine, let me tell you. I have just woken and my mind quickly shifts into "ok when I get up, I will....." until it just seems easier to get up and do it.
We have had a little rain and grey weather and were expecting it again today but to our surprise it was a glorious clear and shiny kind of day. So we did our usual Sunday morning 'thing'....dropped the boy off at work and went for a stunning walk along the beach. I have a new app on my phone so thought I would give it a go....I love it - it is so much fun....reminiscent of old photos of me as a baby and of my mum and dad. 

Curly in the chook pen....I think he thinks he is a chicken.

My youngest has saved all his money and hired a dingo for the weekend to make bike jumps. It is his ideal way to spend the weekend......he loves to work!!!

Hope your weekend has been enjoyable...whatever you have been doing.

Have a great week and I hope to be back soon 

Monday, 21 November 2011

christmas wool felt ready for making chrissy decorations

I have been working on my wool felt for Christmas....hand dyeing in to two shades of red, two shades of green and a golden and then leaving one natural. The clothes lines and anything that resembles a clothes line has been draped over and covered. 

It has been my intention for about a month now to make Christmas decorations for my ETSY shop...then it moved to kits for my ETSY shop and maybe I still might get there with that one.....but at least I have dyed the felt and that has made it to my ETSY shop....yay!!!!
So if you have plans to make decorations or I have planted a seed then check out my shop here or just email me with your postal address...

* I dye them in a 45x45ish piece for $20 each and the colours are in the photo above. The natural is $9.
*Smaller sizes come in a 22x22ish as a 6 pack (as in the top photo) for $27.50.
*11x22ish as a 6 pack for $17.50. 
*and the smallest 11x11ish as a 6 pack for $9.

They have been so popular in my new shop in town which is sooooo cool!!!

More on the new shop later.

Now for some inspiring decorations I have stumbled across on ETSY.
Just love this one.

(can't get any simpler than this one)

So there you could sit there all day but I have chosen some that are I think are achievable to make yourself ( or purchase if you like)

Have you got plans for making your decorations or are you all sorted????

Would love to hear from you.
Happy crafting!!!


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Shearwater Open day.....this Saturday

Just a reminder that my Shearwater Shop will not be open this Friday due to a pupil free day at school in preparation for Saturdays Open Day. If you around, come and check out the amazing and beautiful work by the students and the amazing and beautiful display by the teachers. Oh and I will have quite a largish stall there....hope to see you ♥Jo

Saturday, 12 November 2011

just update.....dolls, dolls, dolls

I love it when my 'Doll Lady' walks through the door. I never quite know when that will is a always a pleasant surprise.
Her latest visit was on Thursday and these cuddly, soft and adorable dolls are what she left me.

They are all lovingly and thoughtfully made with soft cotton flannel and are filled with pure wool stuffing and have pure wool for hair. (except the last doll below...she is made with a thin, soft cotton cord)
They are about 35cm tall and very cuddly.

These dolls don't make it to my website as they are always different....only customers who come in it to my shop usually get to see them and they go as fast as they come in. Now I have a blog I can show them off here too!!!!

They are $75 each plus postage and come wrapped in purple tissue paper with my hand painted rainbow wool as a tie.....very special!!

I do have a few smaller star dolls here that come in pink, blue and cream and are $45

Email me at if you would like to order one or have further questions.

I have also updated the RAVENSBURGER PUZZLES and GAMES SECTION of my website (well my hubby has) ....some cool, great Christmas gifts there. Click through here....
Happy weekend....hope it is a good one!!!!!


Monday, 7 November 2011

Mullumbimby has a new shop....ART DEPOT 55

On the left hand side of this beautiful 1903 heritage listed Old Bakery, 10 local artists and crafters have come together to sell their local and handmade is so exciting!!!! 
This is what it looked like on Saturday afternoon....we had just started bringing in display cabinets and furniture.

After quite a few hours scrubbing and cleaning and moving furniture in over the weekend we opened at 9am Monday 7th November.....
Have a look now.....

jewellery using old typewriter keys, embroidery work on cushions and framed art pieces....leather bags.....beautiful cotton and leather slippers.....ceramics.....purses, clutches and care hand painted wool and wool felt, kits and scarves...

but wait....there's more.....walk through to another room full of wonderful 
bags, hats, cushions, skirts made from vintage fabrics.....vintage brooches, earrings and the cutest little hand mirrors. Oh you must come and have a look!!!

We share this beautiful building with Kim at Darling Buds Florist and Kim again at Little Red Truck.....Mishka at Little Birdy's Vintage and down the alley way we have Down the Alley Treasures and Rock 'n Roll don't need to go anywhere else.....
So what do you think.....not bad for a week and a half planning....sometimes you "just have to do it"

love to hear from you ♥♥Jo

Friday, 4 November 2011

just online update....

More boxes have been really is an exciting time for a the time an order has arrived I have no idea what I have ordered, so it is a bit of a delightful surprise.

I really don't have time to add to my website so product info is available here, on my facebook page and my monthly newsletter.....pass on the info to anyone you may think is interested....

Here goes.......
PAPER CHAINS - eeBoo   $21.50
An easy craft project that is sure to have the kids entertained for hours. Each pack contains 120 colourful links with easy to assemble slide-in tabs (no glue needed) and stretches 24 feet.....20 different paper ribbons in 3 colourways.....makes every room a party.

FAIRY QUEN PLAYING CARDS - eeBoo      $19.50
A fun and magical time while learning to count in 2's and 5's. Ages 5+.....easy to follow instructions 
Take the fun outdoors....set includes a gold coin to toss, four vibrant chalk sticks and a booklet of instructions for sidewalk games such as hopscotch, Skelly, London Calling and more. "A child, a coin, some coloured chalk brings hours of fun to a plain sidewalk. Learn games that generations played when fun and toys were all homemade"
With its smoothly sanded wood and softly sculpted form our bird whistle wooden toy fits right in a child's hand. Made from select European hardwoods, finished with natural oil. 
Dimensions: 7.5 x 2 x 4.5cm 
Amber has been worn for centuries as a natural remedy for pain relief and to promote fast healing and boost the immune system. Wearing amber in the form of a necklace is a traditional European remedy for teething babies.....33cm long.
ALPHABET TOT TOWERS - eeBoo    $32.50 
Printed with soy- based inks on 90% receycled materials and non-toxic coating, Alphabet Tot Tower helps build large motor skills while promoting language and concept development. 10 nesting boxes per set.
This beautiful wooden knitting fork comes with a 50gm ball of my hand painted wool in 16ply.....make stunning rainbow can make it into bracelets, necklaces, straps for whatever you need a rainbow strap for (like everything would look good wrapped in rainbows - don't you think?)

And not to be left out for the wonderful mums, sisters, aunties or anyone really....
The Moontime Planning Diary combines the solar calendar with the moon phases and positions. Daily pointers make it easy for you to access and experience the influence the moon has on your health, garden and housekeeping, building and renovating.

The Moontime Diary features all the diary essentials plus
• Introduction on how to fine tune to the moon
• Helpful tables
• World map to convert time
• Daily moon and planetary aspects
• Aspect interpretations
• Moon void of course
• Monthly ephemeris
• Printed on 100% recycled paper
Email me at if you have any questions or thoughts. If ordering please include your postal address so I can calculate postage.

Would love to hear how your Christmas plans are going.
♥ Jo