Friday, 20 April 2012

lovin' new red vintage bike

Well it is the second last day of the school holidays.....the sun is out (finally) and the wool is drying. We have had a French WWOOFER here for the last 5 days and thankfully our messy piece of paradise is a little restored due to him loving to garden (and paint for that matter).

We have watched 2 great French movies the last two nights and the subtitles have made it a little difficult to crochet but I worked it out. We have watched 'The Grocer's Son' and 'The Dinner Game'.....
Do you have a favourite French Movie????? 
Let me know as we seem to be on a French movie roll at the moment.

Anyway, I really wanted to introduce you to my new red, shiny, gorgeous, vintage bike......

photographer.....Rani Isaac

What do you think....isn't she just beautiful? I am sure this is not the last you will see of her.

Happy weekend xox Jo

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Instagram love.....

1. me in year 2
2. nature just outside
3. "Wish you were here" - the movie written and directed by my good friend Kieran.....showing in Byron Bay next Monday!!!
4. part of my mushroom collection in my office
5. my bed yesterday
6. my new stamp 
7. another rainbow over Mullumbimby
8. more stunning works of nature, just outside 
9. Sash on MY new red bike
10. MY gorgeous, beautiful, new red vintage bike

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Hope all is happy and creative over your way!!!

xox Jo

Monday, 16 April 2012

Dyeing days.....hand painted and dyed mohair....

I really don't know where these school holidays have gone....I don't feel like I have achieved that much although I have been working constantly....

Oh well I guess life is like that!!!

Yesterday I spent the day getting an order of hand dyed and hand painted mohair together to send to America and took a few pictures along the way. I love is soooo soft and wispy. As well as the beautiful soft standard mohair I have the 'boucle' which is the loopy one. Both are perfect for using as dolls hair and for knitting thin wispy scarves like this one over at the really cool blog PURL BEE. This scarf pattern uses 7mm knitting needles...(if you need bamboo knitting needles I sell them for $8.)
This photo is mohair on the left and boucle on the right - strawberry blonde.

Autumn Rainbow boucle

Autumn rainbow mohair

Autumn Rainbow - both boucle and mohair

Strawberry Blonde mohair

Dark Brown boucle

Golden mohair

Golden boucle

Golden in both mohair and boucle.

You can pop over to my ETSY shop and have a look or if you are after a completely different colour just email me at

I also fitted in a new wool felt colour combination which is yet to make it on to Etsy....this one is a lovely combo of reds, oranges and yellows.

What do you think....Do you love mohair? 
Have you knitted or crocheted with it and have a favourite pattern?
Or is it just too thin and wispy for you?

Would love to hear from you....

Hope all is good!!!!

xox Jo

Thursday, 12 April 2012

I love my time in Melbourne....

Coming from a smallish country town and going to the city can be pretty when my brother said he was renting a house out just off Brunswick St in Fitzroy I was a little excited to say the least....It was walking distance to the Melbourne Garden Show where he was exhibiting and just around the corner from The Rose Street Markets which were closed when we were there in January and only a quick tram ride into the city to catch the sky bus to the airport.....too easy!!!!!

'all you need is love' was spotted on a wall while sipping on a coffee and just called me to photograph it....

Here is my little worker man Sasha, at the Garden Show working for his uncle. 

I loved this easter shop window display...

the view from the roof garden in Fitzroy

some street art...this was actually painted on to the front of a house...

Brunswick St
Jason's two gold medals from the show...

another window display..

just because...

What about you...are you living in the country and excited by the city or from the city and excited by the country?? 

Have a lovely weekend xox Jo

Friday, 6 April 2012

more new goodies at Indigo shop and online.....

Don't you just love BAKERS TWINE???? It is so useful for baking, crafting and wrapping fact I just found a Pinterest page dedicated to the lovely, lovely stuff.....

Just a few days ago I received my first delivery and I couldn't wait to share it with you.....I have the red and white, green and white and the pale pink and white rolls of 220 metres.... for $13.50....

Also just new today the gorgeous retro style red plastic clock....retailing at $24.50....isn't it soooo cute????

and 25 red and white striped, traditional paper straws for $7.50....

Also Tissue Paper Pom Poms in red.....50cm for $8 
and in the 38cm size in red and in white for $7....

and last but not least, Belle and Boo's Pin the Tail on the Donkey for $19.50
Email me at (while stock lasts) for any or all of my latest finds.....


Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Melbourne Garden Show....

My little working man, Sash and I flew down to the annual Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show on the weekend....

After my love of 'all things Melbourne' started in January with our first family holiday there....I didn't need much persuasion. My little/big brother, Jason was exhibiting and my littlest, Sasha was keen to check it out.
Decked out in the correct working gear Sasha handed out pamphlets and answered questions with Uncle Spotty.....

Before my Indigo Inspirations days I had a gardening run and gardening was my sadly time is hard to come by to spend out in the garden and my vege garden is constantly calling me. So it was nice to be inspired by the incredible artistic work of the designers and floral displays, workshops and performers   in the lovely Carlton Gardens.

It was absolutely amazing and I loved every minute of it!!!!

More on Melbourne soon!!!

Did anyone else make it this year or have you been before? 
Is it your kind of 'thing' or would you rather be......???? Fill in the blanks.....

Be back soon xox Jo