Wednesday, 28 March 2012

easter at Indigo Inspirations!!!!

How cute are these???? 
These Belle and Boo little easter tins are just adorable.....10x7x4cm and only $9.50 each (while stocks last)

Email me at and don't forget to let me know your preferences.....

Do you have plans for easter - busy or quiet time????
Easter hunt or no easter hunt??

I guess we will be quietly busy and yes we will be having an easter 15 year old daughter makes sure of that.

xox Jo

my days in instagram world....

Another week in the Photo challenge of 'one photo a day'....

1. autumn under feet
2. early morning down to the beach for a walk
3. my addiction to vintage Little Golden Books
4. my new addiction to roses
5. I do love my collection of bamboo crochet hooks
6. another vintage book
7. a fairy in my garden.

What do you think? Am I improving????
Well I definitely am having fun...I never used to carry my phone with me, now I can't leave home with out it!!!! Just like my teenagers!!!!

If you want to follow me on instagram, you can follow me here.

Off to Melbourne on Friday so HEAPS of photos, I am sure.


Monday, 26 March 2012


I have achieved much today....I like that feeling....what about you? you too???
I import pure wool felt by a 23m roll and dye until my heart is content turning from this......

to this.....
piles and piles of beautiful vibrant and pastel and mixed (into the forest, mermaids, autumn and rainbow along the back) colours ready for my customers to be creative with....
I just had a customer last week who was going to make bunting for her child's bedroom. Others make Steiner play toys and dolls and others, I have no idea.

I have been painting these rainbow stripes for years and have never listed on them in my ETSY shop....not sure why. I guess it is because they take a little while and I have to be very patient and careful not to let any drips spoil the piece and really I can only keep up with my customers in my shop but I thought I should share them on Etsy and through my blog for a while and see how I go.

Pieces are approx. 40x45cm and are $24 each ($AUD)...(which is a little more in $UD's)

I have also been working on some sample colourways in my hand dyed pure wool, for a shop up in is 17 of the colours I have put together.....more on that later.

As usual busy, busy times!!!!

I am off to Melbourne on the weekend to go to the Melbourne Garden show in Carlton where my little/big brother will be exhibiting in the garden section....Good luck Jas and the crew at Greenart Gardens. I am soooo excited. Some of you may remember my excitement back in January when I hit Melbourne for the first time. Staying in St Kilda!!!! Yay!!!!

Hope life is good and crafty....did you sign up for the 'Granny a Day' over at Meet me at is not too late....go on...


Saturday, 24 March 2012

A Granny a Day....want to join in??

What a great idea....Pip over at Meet me at Mikes has (as usual) come up with another brilliant idea!!

Crochet a granny square every day.....more if you like when you are on a roll, and by the end of winter you will have a brilliant granny square blanket to snuggle up under while on the lounge crocheting more granny squares for another blanket!!! Perfect!!!

As Pip says "A Granny a Day is a great way to learn to crochet or to build up a good stash of crochet squares. You can do one each day or you can fudge it and do one a week, or one every two days if that works better. Just do what is best for you!! 

There is also a How to Crochet video tutorial here!!!

Come on - join in!!!

Let me know if you sign up and we can share photos and help inspire each other!!!

Happy weekend!!!!

xox Jo

Thursday, 22 March 2012

you wanna learn to crochet....go to crochet school!!!

I love to crochet....I love the simplicity and freedom to kinda do what you want and make it up as you go. The lovely Dana over at the Crafty Minx has her own crochet school blog to teach you step by cool is that?

Check it out here and see how much fun can be had!!!!

And if you need some crochet hooks, I just received a delivery today of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10mm bamboo hooks.....$5 each or the complete set of 8 for only $35. Contact me at for questions and orders.

And if you just happen to need some yummy wool to get you inspired you can check my hand painted colour ways here

Happy crocheting ♥Jo

Friday, 16 March 2012

Instagram photos....I do love them!!!!

I do love my iPhone and the ease and fun in taking Instagram photos.....
These happy snaps were all taken yesterday (Friday) and are just a taste of my perfect end to a very busy work week....
Here is hint of family, work and play, oh and rainbows!!!

These next 2 shots are of a 12m yacht that washed up onto Brunswick beach on was on it's way from The Bay of Islands, New Zealand to Sydney. The three crew abandoned ship in the middle of the Tasman Sea during a hurricane-force storm on October 3rd has been floating and bobbing around out there all that time.....what an amazing story.
It was then craned from the beach and placed on the park across from the club house where I took these photos...

Have a lovely weekend - hope the weather is just right for what ever you have planned.

Would love to know what is going on in your world.....

xox Jo

Thursday, 15 March 2012

My addiction to 7 favourite pins for the week...

Cool kids fun....make this yourself in 30 minutes....Via
Love this....Via
I am in LOVE with vintage caravans...Via
Window love....Via

another cool caravan Via

love these rainbow suitcases via


Friday, 9 March 2012

one last day....

Well, we are home now and the weather here has been spectacular ever since....not a drop of rain!!!
We caught the crazy early flight back and then straight back into Mullum life and work. I just wanted to share some photos of our last day at Brick Bay Wines & Sculpture Trail where art and wine entwine....

It was stunning!!!! Wander the clearly marked pathways to experience an ever-changing exhibition of around 45 sculptures by leading New Zealand artists on the 2km trail. The sculptures are framed by towering native trees, heaps of birdlife and overlooking the Brick Bay Vineyard.....not to be missed if you are in the Warkworth/Snells Beach area.
Step Lightly
Matthew 12:12 cup 2011 (and an extra big Aussie)


The Blue Trees

Awaiting Transportation

Nest (Fall of Grace) 

Kauri Tree native forest 

and landing at the Gold Coast airport.....

It was so nice to have a little trip away so thanks so much to my patient customers....all orders will be posted out Monday morning!!!

I have just received boxes and boxes of natural undyed pure wool in 8, 12, 16plys  and mohair, so if you have started to plan your winter knitting/crocheting projects and are in need of hand painted wool let me know your colour preferences or choose from the selection on my website...

Do you love to get away or are you more of a homebody? I am actually a mixture of both. I LOVE staying home but as I am getting older I also LOVE to get away and explore this amazing place we live.

Have a great weekend xox Jo