Friday, 30 December 2011

the indigo family hits the road....

After an extraordinarily busy, crazy few months we finally hit the road on the 23rd December at 4 o'clock in the morning. The night before we were still vacuuming and mopping and packing at 11pm ready for our guests while we were away.
We are a great travelling family...we eat, we sing, we snooze, and we laugh. 

Once we arrived in Sydney we just had to do some shopping. This year I had avoided all malls and shopping centres in preparation for Christmas gifts as I decided on a 'local, handmade Christmas' I reluctantly hit Westfield so my teenagers could buy some new Christmas clothes.

Our youngest has his birthday on Boxing Day and here he is with his very special Flourless Chocolate Cake thanks to my brothers partner Elle.....yummiest cake I have ever had.
I know the candle says he is 1 but in the rush we just couldn't find the 2 to make him 12 as we 'needed to eat chocolate cake now'.
The next morning we hit the road again to my other brothers farm at Binda in the Southern Tablelands of NSW. He is a horticulturalist and his partner is an artist, so together they always create the most amazingly beautiful properties....
This is harsh, cold climate country so every plant that goes into the ground has to be tenderly cared for until it becomes established.

This is where Sasha's obsession with sheep all began....

Lots of delicious food and yummy wine to keep warm at night.....

Farmer Keith and Farmer Sasha talking sheep....

This is soooooo different from the lush, tropical environment that we live in. We dream about grass that doesn't grow before our eyes...
This shot is taken through the front windscreen.

Beautiful flower and vegetable beds.....

The photo below is taken taken with an iPhone app......Pano

After two wonderful nights we hit the road again heading into Victoria......very exciting as this is all new to us. I have been told I travelled down here as a child but have no memory of it.
We are now in Beechwood but more about that next time.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas/New Year break......would really love to hear what you are up to.
Take care xoxx Jo and family.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

christmas greetings and off on an adventure.....

Getting to Sydney at 4 o'clock in the morning......and 'stuff' still all over the place. Our dear wwoofers, Camilla and Florintyna left us this morning to further their travels...hopefully we will meet up again in Melbourne as we are all there at the same time.

Just thought I would leave you today with an ART DEPOT 55 update. Here are some photos showcasing some of the amazing artists and crafters work. If you happen to be in Mullumbimby over the coming weeks drop by and check it out.....55 Burringbar St.

We had our ART DEPOT 55 Christmas party at Tracey's earlier in the week....Oyster Bay and gingerbread men.....

Happy Christmas and family time. We are off on an adventure down to Victoria so thanks to all the camping and shopping suggestions. I am going to try REALLY hard to blog along the way....which should be fun....see how I go....I have never blogged before away from my desktop.

I am trying to smuggle a big(ish) container of crafty goodies into the car and all the "still in plastic" magazines I subscribe to....might even finish my crochet blanket.

Anyway must get back to the other life....hope to be back soon 


Saturday, 17 December 2011

happy Sunday......

Today was our Christmas with Justin's family....we head down to Sydney at the end of the week for another Christmas, on Christmas Eve with more of Justin's family and then Christmas no. 3 with my family on Christmas day....
We have been blessed with quite a bit of baking over the last few days.....Camilla and Florentyna are used to it being cold and snowy at Christmas time so are baking, baking to try and make it feel a little more like Christmas to them......these bickies are soooooo yummy!!!!  

And Sasha is a bit of a baker too and made these Christmas shortbreads....

And Puddles received a Christmas treat that he is not so impressed about....a bath!!!

Hope you are having a yummy Sunday Sunday will be Christmas day.....I can't believe it.
Big or little plans???

Saturday, 10 December 2011

happy Sunday......

My shop at Shearwater closed on holidays have begun so I am functioning at a slightly slower pace this weekend. It is sooooo nice. I have been totally consumed with my little Indigo world and while I can put the rest of my life (and my poor family's too ) on hold for a little while I look forward to thinking and doing something else.

On Thursday night two gorgeous 'just left school' Austrian Wwoofers arrived at our house. We have lots of wwoofers (not sure what they through here) and love having the extra help and learning new things about how other people live in other countries. Camilla and Florentyna just graduated from a Steiner School in Austria so I thought they would be perfect at helping me with my Indigo 'stuff'. I do all the painting of wool (my kids do some) and tracing and cutting of the kits and it is very time consuming. How excited am I!!!!! If only they arrived a few weeks ago....or if only they could stay!!!!
They have done some filing, painted wool, painted fleece, made heaps of felting kits and traced loads of horses and mice AND cut them out.....
here is Florentyna painting wool 

and Camilla making felting kits.....

The best bit (well one of the best bits) is that I had some time to open my eyes to other things around here....

Thought you might like an update on Curly.....mouth stained green from eating grass all day.

here he is again with the stunning Salt 'n Pepper

I even had time to notice that baby pumpkins had begun to grow again....yay

and the Poinciana Tree was flowering

and we had a huge bunch of bananas growing - yay again

and the mango tree was bare of fruit....looks like not one mango this season......not so good.

I just picked up the new Donna Hay Magazine because I wanted those biscuits in my kitchen - like real ones not just on the cover of a magazine. Wow I wonder if time will allow that to happen....only time will tell.

but I got this instead.....two tim tams as I felt like some chocolate.


Don't forget if you need anything from Indigo online I am taking orders until the 18th of December and then will be closed until the 16th of January 2012.

Is your life a little crazy too or is it just right????

Lots of love ♥Jo

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Mullum Christmas shopping night on again....

A glass of champagne on arrival....local artisans selling handmade local goodies.....yummy food....great coffee.....lots of friendly faces....

This Friday 9th December....Mullumbimby Civic Hall from 5.30pm

Love to see you!!!!


Friday, 2 December 2011

Gorgeous "Rainbow Children Gnomes" paintings.....

I just love these paintings....they are so FUN..... 
I could just imagine a line of them on my daughters bedroom wall - when she was younger. Her wall was a slightly lighter mauve than in the painting below and it had a subtle sparkle finish....Oh it was so sweet.
Now she is 15 - it is covered in Frankie Magazine posters and pictures of her and her friends.....equally as nice but just different.

These gorgeous original paintings are by the ever so talented Sydney sider Rowena Dean...they are on a 20x25cm canvas and are just adorable.








Prices are $37.50 each
2 for $70
3 for $100
plus postage....
I only have 7 left as I have had them in my shop for a few days this week.
If you are interested - order at with the number underneath the painting.

Happy weekend.....I am getting organised for my last week in the shop before Christmas.....I close on Friday 9th December so it will be a BIG week.
How is your's panning out??

I look forward to hearing from you ♥Jo