Monday, 27 February 2012

my week in photos....

I am loving taking photos - are you???

1. hand dyed mohair by me
2. Art Depot 55 get together...scrumptious, yummy, belly filling food
3. more get together
4. cheers
5. beach walks
6. Carla Dawes of "Bubbles at the Head" stunning embroidery necklaces 
(I just had to buy one)
7. rustic charm
8. My darling cupcake eater

Are you a happy snapper?
 - always with your camera ready....
phones have made it so easy to be...

Have a great week!!
xox Jo

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Art Depot 55 has a new window display!!!!

Our window at Art Depot 55 has received another stunning transformation....down came all the hearts and the gorgeous lovey Valentines Day 'stuff' and in went a Tea Party setting complete with the garden goose.
It was put together by the ever so talented Vanessa from Little Black Brooch. If you haven't seen her  work you should check it out.....her passion is to revive the art of the brooch and the passion for wearing them.     

Vanessa's brooches....

Too cute....

Monday, 20 February 2012

Sunday.....Baking day

We have always encouraged our little ones to cook and bake. When I left home I couldn't even boil an egg and I use to boil the old element kettle dry all the time because I forgot to fill it up. Our kitchen was very small when I was growing up, no room for anyone except my mum....our kitchen is very big here, room enough for everyone to get in and have a go.

On Sundays my big girl Rani, usually takes over and creates a yummy (usually sweet) 'something' for us all.


She uses beetroot juice to make the icing pink.

They were soooo yummy and moist - just as the title says!!!

Do/did your little ones cook? 

And could you, when you first moved away from the family home???

Happy Baking ♥Jo

Friday, 17 February 2012

my week in photos...

A week or so ago I came across a photo challenge that didn't seem too much pressure for me to get involved in...I found it via Pip at Meet me at Mikes but it is actually through JustB and it's called MY DAY!!!!
There are alot of photo challenges out there this year and I was tempted to jump on board but they all seemed a little overwhelming and another commitment that I had to fit into my already over packed day and when I read about this one and it said..... 
"basically you just take a photo of something you do/see in your day!  It could be anything. And you don't even have to do this every day. There are no themes.  You can use any kind of camera or smart phone. AND you just do it when you feel like it!" I thought, this is my kind of photo challenge.

It is one of my years "wishes" to improve my is also to have a tidier house....that one doesn't seem to be getting the same attention as the photography one....

Any way I thought I would share them with you....hope your week has been just the way you wanted it to be!!!

If you want to join in the fun you can find all the info here

1. a bag full of hand painted fleece.
2. I love feet photos.
3. at Brunswick beach - afternoon walks.
4. at Brunz littlest jumping off the bridge.
5. my new Mac Air with rainbow keys....LOVE RAINBOWS.
6. grass swaying near our house.
7. coffee and feet up.
8. My vintage phone....we actually used to use it when Kare was born 18 years ago....I love the ring!!!

Are you involved in any photo challenges and if so let me know - I would love to follow you.

You can check mine out at Flickr here

Have a great weekend ♥Jo

Monday, 13 February 2012

a whole lot of good stuff...

I received my first order for the year just the other day and I must say I do love it!!! This one was HUGE....the biggest I have ever done with Mercurius. 

Lyra pencils, water colour paints, painting paper and jars as well as beeswax and journals and crayons....even a gorgeous Glockenspiel!!!!

So most items are back in stock......just contact me if you have been very patiently waiting.....

♥♥Happy Valentines Day♥♥
anything special????

This is my favourite photo and I would have made them.....if....ummmm....I had more time.

They are called "Marble Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies"

What do you think????


Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I am lovin'.....paper craft.

I just think it is much patients required with such intricate work.

On the Etsy Blog today there is a tutorial on how to make the paper cut card below.

There is a really cute simple cut here (photo below) from the Into Craft blog.

Have you ever tried it? Do you think you would have the patients??? I am not so sure about me.

Lots of crafty love ♥Jo 

Monday, 6 February 2012

Tuesday....dyeing day

My stock of hand dyed wool felt has reached an all time low. With Christmas and then the new shop in town (Art Depot 55) taking all I had left at the end of last year, I thought I had better have a felt dyeing day instead of a wool dyeing day.

So I started with a walk along the beach with my mate 'Puddles'.
Back to a peaceful house as everyone had gone off to school.....

I import quality wool felt from Europe on a 23 metre roll which is 180cm wide. I start by cutting it into 45x50cm pieces and soaking it in warm water with a dash of soap flakes.
I use the Landscape dyes which I just LOVE!!!! They are so simple to use and they have strong, vibrant colours which is what I need.

When I am dyeing one colour I use a big pot on the stove....

I have been commissioned to dye 200 silk pieces and am just finishing that off with this stunning green. I have mixed two greens to get this yummy one below.

And when I am finished...this is what that pile in the first photo will look like....a bit of work still to go to get there...

Hope you are having a great Tuesday too....anything special 

Saturday, 4 February 2012

weekends are just the best, aren't they?

I am very proud of myself....
This weekend I have chosen leisurely, family fun times over the usual "oh I have so much work to do" thoughts that stop me and hold me to my computer and paint brushes. I think the problem is I do love my work and when you have a small business there is ALWAYS something you can be doing. I have just started pinning on Pinterest too which is kinda fun, although I don't really know what I am doing yet besides killing more time and seeing some really beautiful places I would LOVE to go to and things I would LOVE to have or see!! You can follow me if you want.....

Do you fall into this trap too or have you worked out some amazing way of balance?
I woke yesterday morning with a text from a friend asking if I wanted to go for a walk along Brunswick beach...."oh no I have too much work to do." Then a lecture from my 15 year old daughter who's whole life evolves around spending times with her friends...."mum you should go with Cath and get some exercise and go for a coffee."
I am really glad I did, it was gorgeous down there and the coffee was not bad either.

In the afternoon we had to go up to Burleigh Heads so my son could get his scooter fixed. We then went  for a walk/scoot along the was just perfect weather and their were people everywhere....

A beach walk again this morning...and some leisurely wool painting this afternoon before friends come over for our weekly Sunday roast...

I have also been having SO MUCH FUN with Instagram and just photography in general with my phone...I have become one of those people who take there phone with them everywhere but not because someone might ring me.....No that doesn't happen very often....something might just need to be photographed...

Best go and get onto that painting and please let me know if you have any tips on balancing work and play as it is one of my dreams for the year..

Take care ♥Jo