Monday, 29 August 2011

My Monday's and Tuesday's are like no other....

I love Mondays and Tuesdays.....I work from home on these days and I am home alone. I never have enough time to do all I want/need to do and so have learnt the art of 'List making' so I don't waste a minute.
The music is either up loud or off depending on what "I" feel like. We always have music on in this house so peace and quiet is usually my preference although for some reason today it is 'on and loud'....I don't know why.
The photos above are of a pile of my hand dyed wool felt.....which I worked on yesterday.....doesn't it look so pretty?
Today I have been painting wool for an order for 'Treasure House'....the shop at Noosa Pengari Steiner School and making about 40 felting kits as I have fallen so far behind with these.

I have only finished the rainbow packs and the pinky/purpley packs....lots more to do.
Well I best get back to it before I have to do the usual Tuesday afternoon pickup from school and drop off at circus and soccer training....

Before I is what is Happening this week...
Reading: the latest mammoth issue of Frankie Magazine
Working on: what seems like a million felting kits
Lovin': my new addiction.....crocheting...I have just finished my first doesn't fit anyones head in this house but I am sure there is a head out there that it does fit.
Also Lovin': early morning walks and afternoon walks with Puddles, the dog and sometimes with Sasha, the son.
Eating: chocolate bullets...can't help myself.
Hope to hear from you soon ♥ Jo
And here is a photo of my above mentioned walking partners.


  1. What a great way to spend your day, music should definitely be on, and LOUD!!

  2. Oh just loving that felt, a dream come true, I would buy it all if I could, beautiful soft colors,

    cheers Marie

  3. What music were you listening to, nice and loud?
    LOVE that felt! Love that wool!
    Love the Treasure House ♥
    Really, such a nice job you have & you do it so well x

  4. I was actually listening to Triple J because Snakadaskal from the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School won this years unearthed high competion and they kept going to the school where they were was pretty weird hearing the words "rudolf steiner" every 10 minutes on JJJ. My office is outside so the only way I could hear it was to have it up loud...