Saturday, 12 November 2011

just update.....dolls, dolls, dolls

I love it when my 'Doll Lady' walks through the door. I never quite know when that will is a always a pleasant surprise.
Her latest visit was on Thursday and these cuddly, soft and adorable dolls are what she left me.

They are all lovingly and thoughtfully made with soft cotton flannel and are filled with pure wool stuffing and have pure wool for hair. (except the last doll below...she is made with a thin, soft cotton cord)
They are about 35cm tall and very cuddly.

These dolls don't make it to my website as they are always different....only customers who come in it to my shop usually get to see them and they go as fast as they come in. Now I have a blog I can show them off here too!!!!

They are $75 each plus postage and come wrapped in purple tissue paper with my hand painted rainbow wool as a tie.....very special!!

I do have a few smaller star dolls here that come in pink, blue and cream and are $45

Email me at if you would like to order one or have further questions.

I have also updated the RAVENSBURGER PUZZLES and GAMES SECTION of my website (well my hubby has) ....some cool, great Christmas gifts there. Click through here....
Happy weekend....hope it is a good one!!!!!


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