Wednesday, 21 December 2011

christmas greetings and off on an adventure.....

Getting to Sydney at 4 o'clock in the morning......and 'stuff' still all over the place. Our dear wwoofers, Camilla and Florintyna left us this morning to further their travels...hopefully we will meet up again in Melbourne as we are all there at the same time.

Just thought I would leave you today with an ART DEPOT 55 update. Here are some photos showcasing some of the amazing artists and crafters work. If you happen to be in Mullumbimby over the coming weeks drop by and check it out.....55 Burringbar St.

We had our ART DEPOT 55 Christmas party at Tracey's earlier in the week....Oyster Bay and gingerbread men.....

Happy Christmas and family time. We are off on an adventure down to Victoria so thanks to all the camping and shopping suggestions. I am going to try REALLY hard to blog along the way....which should be fun....see how I go....I have never blogged before away from my desktop.

I am trying to smuggle a big(ish) container of crafty goodies into the car and all the "still in plastic" magazines I subscribe to....might even finish my crochet blanket.

Anyway must get back to the other life....hope to be back soon 


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