Friday, 2 December 2011

Gorgeous "Rainbow Children Gnomes" paintings.....

I just love these paintings....they are so FUN..... 
I could just imagine a line of them on my daughters bedroom wall - when she was younger. Her wall was a slightly lighter mauve than in the painting below and it had a subtle sparkle finish....Oh it was so sweet.
Now she is 15 - it is covered in Frankie Magazine posters and pictures of her and her friends.....equally as nice but just different.

These gorgeous original paintings are by the ever so talented Sydney sider Rowena Dean...they are on a 20x25cm canvas and are just adorable.








Prices are $37.50 each
2 for $70
3 for $100
plus postage....
I only have 7 left as I have had them in my shop for a few days this week.
If you are interested - order at with the number underneath the painting.

Happy weekend.....I am getting organised for my last week in the shop before Christmas.....I close on Friday 9th December so it will be a BIG week.
How is your's panning out??

I look forward to hearing from you ♥Jo

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