Saturday, 7 January 2012

10 things I LOVE about Melbourne...

Have I told you I LOVE this place.....I want to move here.....????

Today we walked from our B&B in Richmond all the way into the city....about 10 km..... my legs are aching.....but good aching....

Anyway here is my 10 things I LOVE about Melbourne....
1. the shopping.....$100 Elle Macpherson bras for $20 at the Bendon Outlet shop.
2. LOVE the architecture.
3. the easiness of the tram system.
4. the great variety of food.
5. the sophisticated yet casual feel.
6. street theatre and buskers on most corners
7. the street art
8. dog and bike friendly
9. the crowded, funky lane ways with interesting eateries, bars and shops.
10. did I say 'shopping'.

Flinders Street Station......the oldest metropolitan station in Australia and a Melbourne Landmark. Also one of our busiest thoroughfares - more than 260,000 people pass through daily.

street art

street theatre

Met up with the wonderful and ever so talented Rada Priya at Two Monks on Bridge Road. Rada is one of Justin's ex-students at Shearwater, graduating in 2004.

funky alleyways

Skateboard exhibition.....history of skateboarding in the 70's and 80's as well as an exhibition of urban art on skateboards..

the Yarra River

Off to Fitzroy tomorrow.....yay.


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