Sunday, 15 January 2012

home again....

We arrived home last night after our 10 hour drive from Sydney.....and it is raining.....making it hard to get those 5 loads of washing out and dry. It is kinda nice to be home - mainly because it is so neat and tidy. When we go away at Christmas time we rent our house out which means that we have to REALLY,  REALLY tidy it up......and around here that is no small job. The upside to that is we come home to a house that everything (well almost) is in its place......and every year we say "lets keep it like this" and every year i really mean it but life happens and kids happen and my business happens and you know what happens.....the house isn't so tidy anymore.

This year my "wishes" for the year are 
*to have a tidier house....I will let my friends be the judge.
*to spend time on improving my photography.
*to work smarter not harder....I plan on reading "the four hour week" - will let you know how I go.
*have heaps of fun.
*spend more time cooking scrumptious meals (due to the more time from working smarter not harder.)
*loose a little I guess more exercise.

Here is me playing around with my camera and lines and angles - taken in Sydney before we left.

I will be adding to my list....but if you have any suggestions on what you have come up with please let me know (I am open to suggestions)

Indigo is up and running (slowly) so if you are after something just let me know....

Take care ♥Jo


  1. Welcome home Jo, I enjoyed following on along your travels. May all your new year wishes come true.

  2. Thanks so much Nanette.....yes I will give them a go....see how I go.