Thursday, 5 January 2012

today is berry picking and wine tasting day......

Today we drove inland from Anglesea and experienced our first berry picking at Pennyroyal Raspberry Farm.....
raspberries, brambleberries, strawberries, blackberries and red and black currents.

Between the eight of us we collected just over 3kg's

And the result......Chrissy's Berry Pie.....with ice-cream and cream.....

Next it was off to 'Gosling Creek Winery' for a bit of wine tasting....sparkling, sav blanc, pinot noir..
and a local beer......not for me though....I just like the labels on the local beers.

Every day is filled with new things...we are having the best holiday....

Tomorrow I am looking forward to heading into Melbourne and spotting my first Beach Box along the way and my first Tram.

See you later xoxox Jo 


  1. Watch out for those trams, Jo!! They are very off putting when you drive down the street and one comes the other way almost in your lane! These country bumpkins from Tas had a few close encounters with Mel. trams!
    Hope you fare better!
    And your holiday is looking like a LOT of fun!!

  2. yes I know what you mean Evi....I was very excited though to see one....never seen one in the flesh before....having the BEST time xox Jo