Friday, 20 April 2012

lovin' new red vintage bike

Well it is the second last day of the school holidays.....the sun is out (finally) and the wool is drying. We have had a French WWOOFER here for the last 5 days and thankfully our messy piece of paradise is a little restored due to him loving to garden (and paint for that matter).

We have watched 2 great French movies the last two nights and the subtitles have made it a little difficult to crochet but I worked it out. We have watched 'The Grocer's Son' and 'The Dinner Game'.....
Do you have a favourite French Movie????? 
Let me know as we seem to be on a French movie roll at the moment.

Anyway, I really wanted to introduce you to my new red, shiny, gorgeous, vintage bike......

photographer.....Rani Isaac

What do you think....isn't she just beautiful? I am sure this is not the last you will see of her.

Happy weekend xox Jo


  1. She is a ripper, just like the bike I had as a little girl with basket at the front and paper dooby at the back, was great for doubling my bestie, ahh memories................

    1. yes she is a ripper....I had a friend who found an old bike and painted it for me.....can't remember the colour....but he also painted yellow and white daisies on it......wish I had that now.
      Thanks Mel xox Jo

  2. Love it, especially the basket

  3. She's gorgeous, happy travels to you both x

  4. Sounds like a beautiful time not because of your French movie marathons but because of your new ride. The colour, the basket, and everything in it is simply gorgeous.