Monday, 7 May 2012

hand painted wool samples now available...

I have finally put together a little sample package of my hand painted colour options. I have been planning on doing it for so long and when the lovely ladies from Handmaketh requested it, I just had to do it!!! And of course it wasn't painful at all....and didn't even take that long.

Anyway - here they are!!!
You can purchase them for the small charge of $3 from ETSY or email me at with your address.

At this stage there are 11 colour options and the samples are in 16ply. The same colour options are available for all ply's and yarn types. 

Why do we do this to ourselves??? How many times have I put something off then forgotten about it and then when I finally do is easy!!!

Do you ever do this or are you more the type to stick strongly to your to-do list?

Have a great week ♥Jo

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