Sunday, 24 July 2011

all I want for my birthday is....

It was my birthday just last week.....I am pretty low key about my birthday. I think I am really lucky because being right in the middle of July it always falls in the school holidays and my husband is a teacher so potentially we (being the 5 of us) are all at home. Now that used to be the case when the kids were small but now I have 2 teenagers so life is a touch different.
Which brings me to my title......all I want for my birthday is......for us ALL to be together!!!! and this year that meant get up earlyish, do the Byron Bay Lighthouse walk, have lunch, cake and maybe the kids cook dinner.....Now how did we go??

It was fantastic....the weather was amazing...perfect clear blue skies and around 21 degrees which is pretty good for the middle of winter. We sat up the top at the cafe having coffee and snacks and laughing at old was just what I imagined. Friends called over in the afternoon with a yummy cake....and more cups of tea.

Then my darling teenager Kare cooked me a delicious roast for dinner....roast chicken, vege's from the was the BEST ROAST EVER!!!!

And to finish it off Sasha my little one put together a tray of chocolate coated strawberries.....yummo. And Rani was on cleanup duty.

I really did have the BEST day and it was really just so simple....everyone together!!! 
I am a cancerian so am not sure if this is why this is my ideal day being all "family"......what do you think?? What is your ideal birthday happenings? Would love to know....



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  2. Happy belated birthday! Your day sounds and looks lovely : ) I would like to sleep in this birthday, eat cake (lots of it!!), play with bubba and go for a walk with my partner.

  3. Sounds like a gorgeous day - a very happy birthday to you. One thing I appreciate about birthdays (as I ascend rapidly through my thirties!) is a little time to myself to reflect on the year behind and the year ahead.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday. It looks like you had a splendid day. I have a July birthday as well and all I wanted was my family to be together and to eat really good cake. It must be us cancers and our desire for family and sweets. Be well and have an incredible year.

  5. me, too - all together and lots of yummy food and giggles...Cancer, also : ) hugs + Kisses!