Monday, 18 July 2011

what a way to start the day...

 When we bought our piece of land 11 years ago it was just an acre of land with a few trees and really, really tall grass. The first job on the very long list was to plant an orchard. I spent my birthday choosing 18 fruit trees that we had decided we could fit in, digging holes, fertilising, mulching and was the best birthday ever....and I am so grateful now....we have mangoes, bananas, starfruits, mullberries and all the citrus.

Most mornings at this time of the year we have a mix of freshly squeezed orange, mandarin and tangelo really is feels so good and soooo healthy.

My favourite juicer is this old citrus juicer that I picked up from an op shop about 15 years ago for $10 which seemed liked heaps back then...I used to think it wouldn't last that long and was always really careful when I used it but now realise it will probably out live me....and a electricity needed.....just muscles.

How do you start your day? 

Love to hear from you ♥ Jo


  1. Looks and sounds awesome. Gotta love home grown fruit juice.

  2. Start my day be having a couple of weetbix and a banana sitting at my desk reading the newspspers from around the world, online of course.....but also wishing I have a banana tree because having to pay $7 for 3 bananas is a bit much, but HAVE to have a banana so HAVE to pay....

  3. Oh, wow! I must say I am jealous of your orchard. I so want to plant some fruit trees but I'm worried about the space they would take.