Monday, 22 August 2011

this week behind my camera....

      If you leave your door open in our house when no one is looking you
         might just find a little surprise on your bed when you come back
                                       as Kare did......eggs anyone??

                              Bare feet on the earth......nothing better!!!
         painting, painting and more I am painting rainbow
                wool felt to sell as is and also to make into my craft kits
                               sunny days at the beach with the family ♥
 and here is a sneak at my shop....I will do a whole post on it very soon
                                         ....I love my shop♥

Life is busy, wonderful and a little cold and wet at the moment, but that doesn't stop the fun...
AT THIS MOMENT....I am....
Reading: The Happiness Project (still...I have been for a few weeks now)
WORKING ON: finishing off my tax....yah
LOVING: my crocheting....I have just learnt a new stitch and now have officially moved past granny squares...Yah again
Making: lots and lots of my craft kits because I am way behind.

Hope you are keeping busy too....what is taking up all of your time?



  1. I love it! I can't wait for our chooklets to lay our first eggs!

    Would love you to teach me to crochet! xx Rach

  2. Hi Rach....the first egg is very, very exciting. I have strong memories of me and the kids under the umbrella in the rain trying to watch it happen. We missed the first one but did catch cool.
    And crocheting is so much fun....I am a little addicted.♥

  3. nice, clean egg! (lucky it was a...)

  4. One day...One day...
    I shall have chickens of my very own...
    ...on my bed?
    Now that's a novel idea!
    I like the idea of clean eggs :)

    Looking forward to shop post too ღ

  5. Is she a Plymouth Rocks? she is pretty and quite clever to find such a convienient nesting spot!

  6. not sure Shannon....she was chosen purely because of her looks I am afraid to say. Her name is Salt and Pepper and we bought a black one with the original name of Blackie and a reddy/brown one we called Bob (?). We wanted them all to look totally different as these ones are our pets. We had had up to 30 in the past and they all looked the same so this way we couldn't get them mixed up.
    She is very beautiful and very clever!