Saturday, 10 September 2011

what a wonderful day....

I just thought I would do a quick post to show you a few photos from my wonderful day yesterday at the Shearwater Threads of Life Spring was such a lovely and colourful day and I was lucky enough to meet a couple of my online customers in person which is always really nice..

I am a little tired from the hectic week preparing for the day....making sure I had enough of everything (which of course I did) so photos is all I can get my head around today.


I hope you had as nice a day as I did yesterday....what exciting things did you get up to....I would love to know.



  1. Wow Jo. Must have been such a wonderful day!
    Did you get chance to peruse the other stalls? You had such yummy bits on your own table, I wonder if you ever had a spare moment?

  2. Oh Jo! I so wish I had come... It really is too far for a day trip tho... What a wonderful array of things. Tell me what is the spin me a rainbow book like, or is it a game?

  3. Wonderful display, just magical. cheers Marie

  4. Thanks Aleta, Shannon and Marie....
    No unfortunately I didn't have a chance to move from my stall. It was about 14 metres long and quite busy all day. I had heaps of fun though...lots of talking and laughing.
    The Spin me a Rainbow is an eeboo game. If you click on here it will tell you about it. It is really cute.
    Thanks again ♥Jo

  5. Jo, it all looks lovely. I want to touch so much of it and flick through so many books! The colours are wonderful, of course. I love your hand gnomes and dolls in their beds. What are in te Let's get Crafting tins and the other? Is it a baking one? Glad you had a great day, horray for Spring days. x

  6. yes the tins are along the old fashion lines and are so cute. They are filled with a whole heap of little items to do with crafting and yes the other one is a baking is the blurb on it..

    Cotton Candy Cupcake + Cookies Baking Set $35
    A delightful kitsch kit to create delicious cupcakes galore. Wu & Wu’s retro-tastic new Cupcake Kit comes with a wooden spoon, wooden rolling pin, cupcake cases, recipe card, metal cookie cutter, candles with holders & icing set. And to top it off…..a wonderful wooden cookies stamp with the Cotton Candy imprint to stamp before they bake.