Sunday, 11 September 2011

check this out...making newspaper yarn....the ultimate in recycling

                         I just came across this...thought you would love it.

                                        Let me know what you think?



  1. Thank you for sharing, I think I will try this. It seems a fun way to recycle your old papers.

  2. How incredible! I have never heard of this - the possibilities are really endless aren't they. Thank you for sharing such a fascinating find :)

  3. That was me above - I'm not sure how I came out to be anonymous but I'm not :)

  4. this is incredible! i love your blog! it's been hard to find good crafty bloggers lately.

    gilead in bloom

  5. Newspaper yarn this is sooo on my list of things to do, Thanks for dropping into my blog today and commenting, I will be back here as well! I love wool and it looks like you do to! Star