Sunday, 2 October 2011

off to the local farmers market....

As I always work on Friday's in my little shop, I unfortunately miss out on our local Mullumbimby Farmers Market. Well, I could get up extra early and be really organised and go before work....but well that just isn't going to happen. So as another school holiday treat I headed to the Mullum Showgrounds bright and early to grab some amazing local produce and to also get some vege seedlings. 
I just love the variety and the quality of the produce....freshly dug potatoes, just picked eggplants and you can't beat this one.....fresh bread straight out of the wood fire yummy!!

Fresh strawberries and marshmallows drizzled with melted chocolate....Mmmm

 Mandy - one of the "PickleChicks" was also there with here delectable pickles and preserves made from locally sourced grown ingredients....

Farmers markets are popping up all over the place which is a wonderful to growing your own it is the next best thing. And it is great to support the local growers and makers - just like supporting handmade (only different)......
Do you also have great local growing community? and just love this kind of shopping experience??

Happy eating yummy, fresh food ♥Jo


  1. I do love a good Farmers Market..though sadly where we live it's a bit of a travel to get to a decent one. Loving the look of this one though :)

  2. Oh Tammi - that is a shame....we are very lucky over here....there are 3 farmers markets within a 20 minute drive from us♥

  3. A farmer's market started in our community almost a year ago and we make sure to go almost every month. It's a bit low on stalls but just the atmosphere is great! Since having that plus growing some of our own veg I manage to only go to the supermarket about once or twice a month. YAY.

  4. Yes Jo a fantastic market...arent we lucky to live in such a beautiful area of abundance x