Thursday, 29 September 2011

a day of sewing.....a day of joy!!!

I love school getting the kids out of bed, out of the shower, out the door. Everyone can slip into their own little routine. They can wake up when they are ready and I CAN SEW ALL DAY if I want to. Justin's mum is staying with us at the moment and is an amazing knitter/sewer - an all round clever person when it comes to 'making.'

So for Wednesday Jude, myself and Rani all booked ourselves into a day of sewing on the verandah. It is the perfect location as it has huge tables and plenty of room to spread out and cut out, and pin together and what ever else needs doing on a 'SEWING DAY'.
Rani actually was still outside well into the evening as I think I 'kind of' dominated the sewing machine during the day. She chose a beautiful piece of fabric that I had stashed away in my fabric cupboard for about 15 years. I had bought it from an op shop just after she was born and it was perfect for a bag...

And here it is.....she is sooooo clever and extremely patient.....much more than I am when I am sewing.  

I made my first skirt with a zip..........out of a sheet I picked up at the op shop. 

and my first bunting......I was pretty happy with myself. I had fun shooting a 'bunting photo shoot' 

Guess which one is my favourite....?
Have you dedicated a whole day to something lately? 
Would love to hear from you ♥Jo


  1. So much gorgeous things to look at in this post!
    That bag is amazing and the fabric so gorgeous, love your skirt for the bunting, who doesn't love that. Love the red/white combo :)

  2. Ha! fabulous bunting, skirt and bag. I have been doing some self indulgent sewing lately too; it is very satisfying to stitch clothes for myself.

  3. yah...found your blog miss...and what a moment of inspiration I had ! No crafting for me these holidays, just time to smell the flowers and paddle my toes.....keep posting and I'll keep enjoying x

  4. Thanks everyone....I had such a lovely day and it is really important to me to learn new things. I am so proud of Rani and her bag....she is such a natural.

  5. Hooray! I stitched myself my first skirt complete with zipper last month. It was very exciting and i can't wait to do some more. I love that bag and your bunting also! The bunting is making me feel Christmasy : )

  6. wow Jo,i absolutely love your bunting!! Could you teach me how to make it one day? Riley and Jack think its really nice because they love the red. I wish i could have been at your sewing day. Looks like you got alot done and a cute skirt at the end hey. next time I will be there. lotsa love xx

  7. Of course Cath.....I would love to teach you...we can have a sewing day when ever you have a free day....I am super keen.....I am a little addicted.

  8. Beautiful work on the bag, skirt and bunting! Such a fun process too!