Monday, 31 October 2011


I know I have spoken about my Mondays and Tuesdays before and this week was no different....I could totally use a whole other person on these days but instead I rush and rush and some days like today I feel like I haven't really completed anything. I have done lots, but completed...not too much. And it is the completion which has the 'feel good' effect.

Just because I am half mad and not busy enough already I thought I would take on something else....I have become involved in another wonderful opportunity. A space in the beautiful heritage listed "Old Bakery" building in the heart of Mullumbimby town became available and 10 of us are setting up shop full of amazing local, hand made crafts and art pieces. I am sooo excited BUT it means making sure I have enough stock for two shops....ahhhhh.... it will all  be OK.....but more on that next time.

Today I have been receiving more stock and pricing and dyeing mohair for dolls hair and dropping parcels off at the post office and, and, and.....

But I thought I would show you my Night Time project because that is more fun....

At night I am working on a new babies blanket in my Coconut Ice - hand painted chunky, super soft, unplyed yummy wool and mixing up the squares with the natural cream in the same wool. I am using a 10mm bamboo crochet hook so that "completion" comes around quicker. I am loving the colour combination but will have to do a more boyish one next time. 

Oh....and I did have a quick lunch. I have given up bread again....I do this every so often and I definitely feel better for it but then I just give in to temptation and toast and tea is back on the breaky menu. So sea salt and cracked pepper vita grains with local avocado and tomatoes from the garden with more sea salt and cracked pepper on top is my favourite at the moment.
Oh.....and here is the latest autumn rainbow hand painted mohair I have been working on.

Hope you are all well...would love to hear what you are up to.    ♥Jo


  1. I often feel like that most days of the week, like I have achieved much less than I set out to. That yarn you are crocheting with is gorgeous as is the last one :)

  2. I love it when I have that feeling that I accomplished loads in a day....some days I get it, some I don't.

    Glad you like my wool- that is what I spend most of my time doing!!! ♥Jo

  3. Hi Jo,
    you should check out "Gathering" via my Facebook likes. Its a local 'gathering' of crafty women doing just what you are describing in Mullum. Good luck with it, I am sure it will be a great inspiration. I will contact you in the next few days re wooden crochet hooks. i have just taught my daughter to crochet and a little wooden hook would be just the present for the x-mas soon

  4. Thanks Alex, I actually read about gathering yesterday from your page and was trying to tell someone today about it today.....but I read so much, I couldn't remember where I read about thanks soooo much for that.
    I look forward to hearing from you. Xox Jo

  5. Hi Jo, the new shop sounds exciting. I don't suppose that clever Pat S is part of it..she does lovely felt and embroidery pieces.

    When will the shop open, I'll definitely be along for a look. Good luck with it.

    and I love all your wool, and that pink and cream looks good enough to eat.

  6. Hey Nanette,
    I know......I have just come home from a meeting with the is soooo exciting. I don't know Pat she from down here....would love to see her work.
    The shop will be open 9 until 5 Monday to Friday and 9 until 1 on Saturday.
    I have called that pink wool 'coconut ice' as I think it looks good enough to eat too!!!

  7. Oh that's good, every day won't be there all the time will still have your little shop at the school to run too?

    Yes, Pat is local, lives quite near the've possibly seen her work, but if you don't know her, the connection's not there.

    Sorry, so many questions...when is opening day?

  8. no - my shift is the Monday 1 until 5pm shift.....and we open on Monday....yay!!!
    And I am in my shop Wednesday thru to Friday. ♥Jo

  9. Wow, your new shop sounds AMAZING! How exciting for you all! If I am ever up your way I will definitely have to stop by! Love the granny squares too :)

    Katie x