Saturday, 29 October 2011

relaxing Sunday....

My eldest has just started working on Sundays down at a cafe in Brunswick Heads. He starts at 7.30am which is pretty early in our house for a weekend (except of course in soccer season) we decided to drop him off and go for a walk along the beach and come back for a coffee before venturing home for breaky. Today was one of those perfect mornings on the beach.....calm, warm and very peaceful.

Last year when we were visiting Sydney, we went down to an Eastern Suburbs beach with some friends. Our kids could not believe the people.....every bit of sand was taken up with towels and bodies. I was use to it.....when I was younger every weekend would be spent hanging at Curl Curl Beach with my friends. My children have only experienced beaches where you have plenty of space around you and you can throw a ball and even have a game of soccer if you want.....lucky them.

my decaf cap....

And the working man himself....sorry it is a little blurry as I was trying to take it without him seeing me.

I work everyday - I can't help myself...when you have a small business there is always a huge 'to do' list. But today, writing this post is the first bit of work I have done. Instead I did a spot of spring cleaning.....went through my clothes (again), wiped down areas that really, really needed it and it feels good. 
I really hope you had a great day too!! 
Was it relaxing or hectic, peaceful or chaotic? I would love to hear...

♥ Jo


  1. Hi Jo,

    I am sure there was moments of peace in my day some where! I did a bit of everything today, working for JaxFancy, cleaning, sewing with my girls and a lovely visit from my sis in law!

    You sure do live in paradise! A friend and I nearly came up to brunswick heads the last school holidays but couldn't in the end. What a pity for us! It looks like heaven :)

  2. love that Brunswick Heads beach, just love Bruns really, I toyed with the idea of living there when I first moved to the coast.

    My day was great, I went to the beach in the opposite direction, to Currumbin and caught up with a friend, we chatted and ate and walked a bit. She often feels unwell, so can be a bit prickly (understandably) and hanging out can be hard work but today she was feeling well and it was really nice.

    Love the photo of your boy hard and earnestly at work!

  3. Thanks Jacq and Nanette.....yeh Bruns is a special place especially on a beautiful clear day at high tide....jumping off the bridge is my kids favourite thing to do.
    Maybe one day Jacq, glad you both had a good day Xox Jo

  4. What a gorgeous looking spot you have there.

    Hubby and I made pancakes for breakfast this morning and packed them up to eat at the beach with our kids...such a nice way to start the day :)


  5. That is such a lovely thing to do....might do that next Sunday...pancakes on the beach...yum xox Jo