Monday, 21 November 2011

christmas wool felt ready for making chrissy decorations

I have been working on my wool felt for Christmas....hand dyeing in to two shades of red, two shades of green and a golden and then leaving one natural. The clothes lines and anything that resembles a clothes line has been draped over and covered. 

It has been my intention for about a month now to make Christmas decorations for my ETSY shop...then it moved to kits for my ETSY shop and maybe I still might get there with that one.....but at least I have dyed the felt and that has made it to my ETSY shop....yay!!!!
So if you have plans to make decorations or I have planted a seed then check out my shop here or just email me with your postal address...

* I dye them in a 45x45ish piece for $20 each and the colours are in the photo above. The natural is $9.
*Smaller sizes come in a 22x22ish as a 6 pack (as in the top photo) for $27.50.
*11x22ish as a 6 pack for $17.50. 
*and the smallest 11x11ish as a 6 pack for $9.

They have been so popular in my new shop in town which is sooooo cool!!!

More on the new shop later.

Now for some inspiring decorations I have stumbled across on ETSY.
Just love this one.

(can't get any simpler than this one)

So there you could sit there all day but I have chosen some that are I think are achievable to make yourself ( or purchase if you like)

Have you got plans for making your decorations or are you all sorted????

Would love to hear from you.
Happy crafting!!!



  1. Cool felt colors and creation's, cheers Marie

  2. I've been playing with the felt today I bought from you yesterday was lovely to meet you, and visit your shop. You gained a mention on my blog!

    Great ideas from Etsy.

  3. i love those felt colours...i think i'm getting inspired to make some christmas decorations...

  4. thanks so much Marie, Nanette and Carole - happy 'playing with felt' ♥

  5. Oooh I just want to eat those holly hearts. They look delicious!

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