Saturday, 26 November 2011

happy weekend....and my new apps

It is not my intention to go quiet on the blog world front....I am just sooooo busy with getting orders out for Christmas that I literally can't fit everything in. I have had a couple of 5.30am starts which is not my normal routine, let me tell you. I have just woken and my mind quickly shifts into "ok when I get up, I will....." until it just seems easier to get up and do it.
We have had a little rain and grey weather and were expecting it again today but to our surprise it was a glorious clear and shiny kind of day. So we did our usual Sunday morning 'thing'....dropped the boy off at work and went for a stunning walk along the beach. I have a new app on my phone so thought I would give it a go....I love it - it is so much fun....reminiscent of old photos of me as a baby and of my mum and dad. 

Curly in the chook pen....I think he thinks he is a chicken.

My youngest has saved all his money and hired a dingo for the weekend to make bike jumps. It is his ideal way to spend the weekend......he loves to work!!!

Hope your weekend has been enjoyable...whatever you have been doing.

Have a great week and I hope to be back soon 

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  1. Sasha is still the same. Such a hard worker. Great to see you last friday x