Monday, 23 January 2012

it is raining again....

I know I shouldn't complain but I am a little over this seems to have been hanging around for a while now....and I have so much outside 'stuff' to do.
The grass is growing almost in front of our eyes and I have orders of wool and silk to dye (and get dry). Then I came across this printable poster via Craft Blog and it made me smile...we certainly can't live without the rainbow!!!!

How about you?? are you enjoying your weather were ever you are? 
hot, wet, cold, even freezing, raining or dry....

Would love to hear from you 
xox Jo


  1. Gosh Jo, it's so dry here in Tas, no rain for weeks! I'm watering everyday just to keep my vegies from dyeing. My mum in Lismore tells me she is enjoying all the rain because she can sit inside and read rather than go out and garden!! There's always a silver lining in someones cloud :o)

    1. you are so littlest one and his friend have just come in from playing slide soccer out in the rain....they had the best time.

  2. Hey Jo, We are having cool morning and evenings with no clouds to mar the blue of the sky and daytime temperatures no more than mid 20's and the washing smells of sunshine. I am loving it. I hope yours improves soon or at least by winter when we come over to enjoy the same all over again!! xx

  3. oh I think it will flood before it gets better....which is always exciting!! Lots of stay inside and reading happening and cups of tea. xox

  4. The rain is sending me a little nuts, I am off work for the week and was hoping for some time at the beach with the kids. We are certainly getting through some crafts, books and movies though. Enjoying the cups of tea and blog reading time too.