Wednesday, 25 January 2012

and the rain continues......flooding.....and the fun!!

I had never experienced a 'flood' before I moved to the country 14 years ago...
In Mullumbimby we are lucky (or unlucky depending on your thoughts) to experience a flood at least once a year and usually more. Yesterday the rain just didn't let up and it became pretty obvious that we were heading for a 'real' flood as opposed to just some water across the road. It floods right where we live....and these next 2 photos are taken from our verandah. In the second one you can just see a blue car on the right hand side that had a 'crazy' thought that they could make it....the flood indicator measured 1.6m's at the time.


Flooding is usually pretty exciting....schools get closed down because no one can get to them and everyone gets evacuated if it happens during the school day. The buses come for all the kids that live up in the hills first and then the kids from town, if it gets really bad. I would have loved that when I was a kid. We used to think that our school would close down if it reached a certain high temperature and we used to 'will' it to happen which it never did. I think it closed down for a day once because of nits....not as exciting.

The post office and the bank in town were closed yesterday because the staff had been flooded in...I love that about Mullum....

Once the rain eases everyone comes outside to see the is quite social as everyone is so relieved to be able to get outside. Canoes, surfboards, boogy boards and bikes and kids having a great time!!!

Sasha here with the next door neighbour in the canoe.

and slide soccer...

As you can probably imagine I have a load or two of washing after our floods...
Life is back to normal today but more heavy rain is predicted...we will wait and see.

So what kind of weather are you experiencing? 
There is so much diversity of weather going on in Australia at the moment. 
Does it flood where you live? 

Must go and try and get more clothes dry while it isn't raining... 
take care xox Jo


  1. This looks like a lot of fun, I miss a Good flood. last year it rained so hard that our bridge washed away, it was 2 weeks until fixed! It's been dry for a month here, but temperatures are low. Hope your garden, if you have one holds up.

    1. oh it is fun....'the best day ever' to my youngest one....The garden and the chookies are all up high enough so they are fine.

  2. Oh, I love floods too! Mind you, I've never been in a scary flood situation but when we lived near Wauchope NSW, we had floods most years ..... the river would rise and we'd haul up our pump and the boogie boards and wait for the excitement!!!
    We don't get floods where we are in Tassie, we rarely get torrential rain, believe it or not!! Enjoy the fun!!!!

  3. Thanks Evi......I know..... there are life- threatening floods and our fun kind of floods....wouldn't like to be in the other....our water is just rising river (in the distance) not running rivers.

  4. Flooding here too Jo. We had SES men banging on the door on Wednesday telling us to get out, the river was going to break it's banks!!! And phone calls with sirens going off, and a recorded messages saying 'evacuate, evacuate". It's been really scary, and making the decision to go or stay was the worst I think. The old timers in the street were pretty laid back, some have lived in this street for over 50 years, so I followed their lead. My house is high set and on a little rise above the river, so although ther emight be a lot of water running under the house, I don't think it'll come in. Other people panic too, and that's 'catching'.

    But there's the fun and social aspect too, the park across from me is a lake now, and people canoe up and down all day long, and everyone is out walking to check the levee and what the river's doing.

    It'll be nice when the rain stops, I think we have another week of this. Glad you're all safe.

    1. oh that is so much more scary than what we have been experiencing here...It was just about to go under our house but we are not so close to the river. Ours goes down really quickly too.It was all gone in the morning and yes I soooooowant it to stop...I also want to do some washing!!!

  5. Jo I took a picture just like your feet one the other day, pretty wet here too but not flooding wet - we live at the top of the hill~

    1. I love those feet photos....I am usually taking them at the beach though with the sand and water....not at my gumboots and floods....
      I can't wait to see the sun!!!!