Monday, 27 February 2012

my week in photos....

I am loving taking photos - are you???

1. hand dyed mohair by me
2. Art Depot 55 get together...scrumptious, yummy, belly filling food
3. more get together
4. cheers
5. beach walks
6. Carla Dawes of "Bubbles at the Head" stunning embroidery necklaces 
(I just had to buy one)
7. rustic charm
8. My darling cupcake eater

Are you a happy snapper?
 - always with your camera ready....
phones have made it so easy to be...

Have a great week!!
xox Jo


  1. I sure am Jo! Comes with having a blog, I suppose. Though not with a phone, just my trusty chunky Nikon!! The kids are used to it now and will wait - mostly - for a quick photo shoot!

    1. I need to get back into the habit of my Nikon too!!! I love taking 'real' photos but have just got into the convenience of my phone.
      I will!!!!