Friday, 2 March 2012

just popped over to New Zealand....

We are having a little mid term holiday...aren't we lucky? 
It is just a quickie so we are trying to fit in as much as we can.
I love travelling and exploring new places and this means taking heaps of photos. I haven't been over here for about 6 years and a wedding to attend seemed like a great idea!!!!

Here are my 10 favourite photos so far exploring Auckland....
leaving Gold Coast Airport

a cool vintage expresso coffee van at Auckland Airport

At North Head looking over Cheltenham Beach

some cute old steps

the tunnels at North Head

doing backflips (as you do)

still at North Head

the other photographer in the family

my Rani, Juzzy and Sasha posing

brunch at Devonport...

I will be back soon with more fun and adventures....
Happy weekend!!

xox Jo


  1. Nice you could visit my home country, it has been a while since i have been to Auckland, great pictures, cheers Marie

  2. oh Marie....nice to be here...wind and all!!! I hope to take lots more photos as we head up North...keep posted!
    xox Jo

  3. oh fun, fun! Nice pics - love the action shot of the backflip!

    1. I know - we are having the best time....but having said that, we have the best time anywhere we travel.
      Yes, Oh to be able to do triple back flips....

  4. Lucky you, I have never been to NZ ans so want to go! Alas we will need 6 passports which always increases the funds for os trips too much to consider atm, Love your pics!

    1. I know.... we are up north is very beautiful. We were always 5 travellers but our oldest had to work this time so we are just a little cheaper...