Monday, 20 February 2012

Sunday.....Baking day

We have always encouraged our little ones to cook and bake. When I left home I couldn't even boil an egg and I use to boil the old element kettle dry all the time because I forgot to fill it up. Our kitchen was very small when I was growing up, no room for anyone except my mum....our kitchen is very big here, room enough for everyone to get in and have a go.

On Sundays my big girl Rani, usually takes over and creates a yummy (usually sweet) 'something' for us all.


She uses beetroot juice to make the icing pink.

They were soooo yummy and moist - just as the title says!!!

Do/did your little ones cook? 

And could you, when you first moved away from the family home???

Happy Baking ♥Jo


  1. Sure do Jo! My big fella (12) wants to be a chef, my girls (7 and 9) just love cooking stuff!

    And I think they can all make bread without assistance :)
    None of them will ever starve I am sure, although my youngest says she is going to live next door so she can just come here for dinner....LOL

    Your cupcakes look delish! Very yummy with a coffee I am sure

  2. Isn't that fantastic.....a chef in the family would be excellent. My 12 year old wants to own an excavating company!!! Thankfully they are all different!!

    Food is such a wonderful thing....

    Very yummy with coffee!!!

  3. We already bake with our littlie who is 18 months, she sits on the counter and takes turns stiring or pouring. It's always messy and a lot of fun : ) Last week I mentioned that we bake together to some of our playgroup mum's and they said they hadn't tried, I'm happy to report that today one said she had and her daughter loved it!

    It's such a fun way to learn and be together.

    I did know how to cook when I left home, Mum was always an avid cook, though I'm a bit fly by my seat more often than not.

    Will have to give the cupcakes a try : )

  4. These look delicious, and great idea using the beetroot juice! I have a linky for sharing what kids bake if you would like to join in :-)

    Happy to have found your blog x