Friday, 17 February 2012

my week in photos...

A week or so ago I came across a photo challenge that didn't seem too much pressure for me to get involved in...I found it via Pip at Meet me at Mikes but it is actually through JustB and it's called MY DAY!!!!
There are alot of photo challenges out there this year and I was tempted to jump on board but they all seemed a little overwhelming and another commitment that I had to fit into my already over packed day and when I read about this one and it said..... 
"basically you just take a photo of something you do/see in your day!  It could be anything. And you don't even have to do this every day. There are no themes.  You can use any kind of camera or smart phone. AND you just do it when you feel like it!" I thought, this is my kind of photo challenge.

It is one of my years "wishes" to improve my is also to have a tidier house....that one doesn't seem to be getting the same attention as the photography one....

Any way I thought I would share them with you....hope your week has been just the way you wanted it to be!!!

If you want to join in the fun you can find all the info here

1. a bag full of hand painted fleece.
2. I love feet photos.
3. at Brunswick beach - afternoon walks.
4. at Brunz littlest jumping off the bridge.
5. my new Mac Air with rainbow keys....LOVE RAINBOWS.
6. grass swaying near our house.
7. coffee and feet up.
8. My vintage phone....we actually used to use it when Kare was born 18 years ago....I love the ring!!!

Are you involved in any photo challenges and if so let me know - I would love to follow you.

You can check mine out at Flickr here

Have a great weekend ♥Jo


  1. Aahh, Jo, I'm in love with that rainbow keyboard too!! I'm gonna put it on my wish list....... one day!

    1. I know - how cool are they??? I will give you the details....when you are day!!

  2. oh I so love that keyboard!
    I love the idea of a photo a day challenge....I will think upon it :)

    Heres my own photo-a-long thingo......

    1. I know I have been following your table Jacq...especially like the one with your son and love the Hydrangeas.