Monday, 6 February 2012

Tuesday....dyeing day

My stock of hand dyed wool felt has reached an all time low. With Christmas and then the new shop in town (Art Depot 55) taking all I had left at the end of last year, I thought I had better have a felt dyeing day instead of a wool dyeing day.

So I started with a walk along the beach with my mate 'Puddles'.
Back to a peaceful house as everyone had gone off to school.....

I import quality wool felt from Europe on a 23 metre roll which is 180cm wide. I start by cutting it into 45x50cm pieces and soaking it in warm water with a dash of soap flakes.
I use the Landscape dyes which I just LOVE!!!! They are so simple to use and they have strong, vibrant colours which is what I need.

When I am dyeing one colour I use a big pot on the stove....

I have been commissioned to dye 200 silk pieces and am just finishing that off with this stunning green. I have mixed two greens to get this yummy one below.

And when I am finished...this is what that pile in the first photo will look like....a bit of work still to go to get there...

Hope you are having a great Tuesday too....anything special 

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