Saturday, 4 February 2012

weekends are just the best, aren't they?

I am very proud of myself....
This weekend I have chosen leisurely, family fun times over the usual "oh I have so much work to do" thoughts that stop me and hold me to my computer and paint brushes. I think the problem is I do love my work and when you have a small business there is ALWAYS something you can be doing. I have just started pinning on Pinterest too which is kinda fun, although I don't really know what I am doing yet besides killing more time and seeing some really beautiful places I would LOVE to go to and things I would LOVE to have or see!! You can follow me if you want.....

Do you fall into this trap too or have you worked out some amazing way of balance?
I woke yesterday morning with a text from a friend asking if I wanted to go for a walk along Brunswick beach...."oh no I have too much work to do." Then a lecture from my 15 year old daughter who's whole life evolves around spending times with her friends...."mum you should go with Cath and get some exercise and go for a coffee."
I am really glad I did, it was gorgeous down there and the coffee was not bad either.

In the afternoon we had to go up to Burleigh Heads so my son could get his scooter fixed. We then went  for a walk/scoot along the was just perfect weather and their were people everywhere....

A beach walk again this morning...and some leisurely wool painting this afternoon before friends come over for our weekly Sunday roast...

I have also been having SO MUCH FUN with Instagram and just photography in general with my phone...I have become one of those people who take there phone with them everywhere but not because someone might ring me.....No that doesn't happen very often....something might just need to be photographed...

Best go and get onto that painting and please let me know if you have any tips on balancing work and play as it is one of my dreams for the year..

Take care ♥Jo


  1. Hi Jo! Lovely pictures for a lovely weekend. Sorry for my absence (if you noticed?!) moving states took it out of all of us. I have NO idea how to achieve the ideal balance, though I am forever striving. I am finding lately that I really have to dedicate certain block of time to certian jobs or pursuits. Then I don't feel guilt about the time spent doing them and I still get the balance I was. This isn't rigid though but gives me a very good starting point for my week, allows me to still have time for me, time for the house, time for fun e.g crafting (Monday night) bulk cooking (Wednesday day and time for my daughter and partner. I'm on Pinterest also, will look you up. Hope this finds you well, Stacey x

    1. Hi Stacey...yes I had noticed your absence....I checked on your blog every now and then but alas, no posts...Good to hear from you - are you going to start up again?
      I started reading THE FOUR HOUR WORK WEEK and one of the things so far that stood out for me is DON'T MULTI TASK...which I do and I do it badly. I think I am getting more done but really I am just getting sidetracked.
      Oh well we will get there..
      Hope to hear more of you move soon ♥Jo

  2. Hi Jo,
    I could walk on that beach everyday, just beautiful!
    My motto ( I have a few depending on how I am feeling!) is that life is for living!

    I had no balance at all last year, i was heavily committed. This year less so, hopefully that means more creative free time for myself and relaxing time with the kids.


  3. Hi Jacq,
    I believe in that motto too....I really do!!!! I just need to remember it more often and I think I need to walk along that beach more often...I might go now!!!