Monday, 5 March 2012

another day on the tour bus in NZ....

We are fitting 2 days sightseeing into everyday as I want to see as much as I can in the very short time we are here....I am being a bit militant about it and we are joking we are on the tourist bus!!!
We are really lucky with the clear blue skies but must admit the water temperature is a little cooler than what we are used to back home.....not that I would know! Any one that knows me, knows I am not a swimmer. I love the water and love being near it but don't have to be 'in it'....In my next life I plan on being one of those old ladies that swim everyday at the beach all year round....I will let you know...ha!! 


can't come to NZ without a photo of our favourite woolly creature 

another beautiful beach

Tawharanui Regional Park

Chocolate Brown Chocolatiere at Warkworth

cute tips truck

"Red Barn Antiques" and retro shop

"Rummage" at Matakana

love birds

"Scotts Landing"

My new favourite mag....found at Rummage for some light reading at Scotts Landing

More Scotts Landing

me swimming....well me in the water.

my circus girl

Just a day to go so I will be back soon with the last of our New Zealand trip photos.

Have you been to New Zealand? What is your favourite place? Would love to know for my next trip.

xox Jo


  1. Hey Jo, great pics as always! i have nominated you for a Liebster award so pop over to my place to pick it up! Don't worry - it can wait till you get home though!!

  2. Hi Jo, you have a really beautiful blog! Funny, we are actually considering making the move your way. It really looks so beautiful! Thnaks for sharing, Belinda

  3. hi jo, i'm here from sister sun, it's nice to meet you! sounds like your all having the best of times over there. it's fun seeing all your shots, i have some of those circus kids too.
    i love your etsy shop, and i've favorited a couple things(i just pray for shipping and gas prices to go down). i've enjoyed visting here, you have a beautiful family and a lovely blog!
    greetings from the central coast of california,
    xx lori