Monday, 16 April 2012

Dyeing days.....hand painted and dyed mohair....

I really don't know where these school holidays have gone....I don't feel like I have achieved that much although I have been working constantly....

Oh well I guess life is like that!!!

Yesterday I spent the day getting an order of hand dyed and hand painted mohair together to send to America and took a few pictures along the way. I love is soooo soft and wispy. As well as the beautiful soft standard mohair I have the 'boucle' which is the loopy one. Both are perfect for using as dolls hair and for knitting thin wispy scarves like this one over at the really cool blog PURL BEE. This scarf pattern uses 7mm knitting needles...(if you need bamboo knitting needles I sell them for $8.)
This photo is mohair on the left and boucle on the right - strawberry blonde.

Autumn Rainbow boucle

Autumn rainbow mohair

Autumn Rainbow - both boucle and mohair

Strawberry Blonde mohair

Dark Brown boucle

Golden mohair

Golden boucle

Golden in both mohair and boucle.

You can pop over to my ETSY shop and have a look or if you are after a completely different colour just email me at

I also fitted in a new wool felt colour combination which is yet to make it on to Etsy....this one is a lovely combo of reds, oranges and yellows.

What do you think....Do you love mohair? 
Have you knitted or crocheted with it and have a favourite pattern?
Or is it just too thin and wispy for you?

Would love to hear from you....

Hope all is good!!!!

xox Jo

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