Thursday, 17 May 2012

secret life of indigo week

Life in the Indigo World is a little busy at the moment....well I guess it always is but at the moment it just seems a little crazier than usual. With the colder weather in this part of the world comes the higher demand for my hand painted wool...I am supplying craft groups and a few shops as well as my own two fitting in the painting process (and setting, rinsing and drying) is taking over my life just a little. 
I love the outcome and I love receiving the photos of products made and I love the 'oohs and ahhs' when people see it for the first time.

Here are some of my photos from my week....

hand painted rainbow 16ply

my new shop display getting a makeover

My yummy new bike (you will really get sick of seeing it) and my new Indigo sign

the view from my computer chair in my office

I am loving sky and cloud pics and loved the shoes over the wire installation

my new seedlings that have since been transplanted into their real home in the vege garden

more balls of wool before being sent off to a new home

and yet more....

Would really love to hear from was your week? Crafty or domestic?

xox Jo


  1. I just love seeing all your beautiful wool and look forward to knitting with it for along time to come. I have had a crafty, and domestic week. So much housework to do with little boys around, and after they go to bed I love nothing more than to sit with a ball of your wool and knit my favorite way to relax.

  2. well Jo i have had a very big week with alot going on with the kids and school.....working at tweed, a bond clean,teachers aide work at mullum, more canada prep a tour of cape byron steiner today and then lunch at the poinciana which was so lovely in the sun. getting ready for steve's birthday too and yes, a little domestic but not too house is a bomb. Luvvve the shot of your yummy new bike next to the office. very arty indeed!!

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