Friday, 16 September 2011

a new groovy online craft magazine not to be missed.....

Etzcetera......a brand new Australian crafty lifestyle magazine is available online only. Published bi-monthly, Etzcetera Magazine is loaded with step by step projects, inspiring interviews with creative people, interesting family and lifestyle articles, tasty recipes and fun and inspiring could ask for more??

As Kim Archer (the founder of Etzcetera Magazine) says "it is a visual feast of pictures, projects and stories all in one place that is easy to read and enjoy.

The magazine is divided into three sections....
*The Projects (and lots of them)
*The articles
*The advertising...the crafty advertising is as visually appealing as the rest of the magazine and contains clickable links to take you straight to the website or cool is that?

Issue one and two can be found here....the first issue is free....and issue 2 can be purchased for $4.50 or you can also grab a 12 months (6 issues) subscription for only $22.50.

As a special bonus (for me) one of my hand-spun, handpainted, hand-knitted scarves (below) was featured on page 42 of the second issue in an article titled "In the mood" by Lisa Pate.

Happy weekend everybody....this is the first day in a while that my 'to do' list is not a foot long.....only 11 inches.....
Would love to hear what your weekend plans are.
Oh, and call by tomorrow as I will be posting photos of our new addition to our family....what could that be??????

Lots of love ♥Jo


  1. Thanks for the link Jo. I hear you re the's bigger than me right now! addition...goats?!

  2. You are it's not goats...xo Jo

  3. thanks for the mention Jo! We loved featuring your beautiful scarf too!!!
    KIM Archer