Friday, 23 September 2011

food for the soul...a community cookbook

Food for the Soul is a collection of more than 140 nourishing vegetarian recipes, beautifully woven together with food tales, seasonal blessings and delightful illustrations all donated by local artists, food growers, business owners and family and friends of Shearwater Steiner school.

Inspired by the abundance of fresh, local produce and wholesome lifestyles in the shire, you are invited to indulge in the book like you would a great big community feast – cooking, eating, laughing and sharing the joy of food together!

Food for the Soul is available for purchase for $25 plus $6.50 postage...just email me at with your postal address. 
It is a result of hundreds of volunteer hours and all funds raised will be used to build food gardens and creative play spaces at the Little Shearwater (Kindergarten & Pre-School).

It really is a wonderful book and a wonderful thing to encourage the children at Little Shearwater to get out there and get their hands in the earth and grow some of the food that they eat while at school...Wow I wish my school was like that. Mine was full of concrete unfortunately.

Have a lovely weekend and do you know of any other community cook books that have been published too?
                                     ♥ Jo

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