Sunday, 18 September 2011

introducing our new family member....

This is "Curly"...... our new little month old lamb. My son Sasha has been quite obsessed with wanting a sheep since we spent a week at his Uncle Curly's farm near Croockwell in the Southern Highlands of NSW when he was about 9. He came home from that holiday and announced he wanted to change his name to John. 'Why' we asked (as it took us 4 weeks to finally choose his name when he was born) 'because I want to be a sheep farmer and I don't think Sasha is a good sheep farmers name'. Who could argue with that? His friend Mia from Sydney was visiting us at the time and decided she was going to be John's helper so she should change her name to Mary......

Sasha/John has researched everything....made lots of phone calls to farming equipment businesses and timber companies in his search for getting the best item at the best price as we didn't even have a fenced area for him.. He has also had lots of long conversations with Curly (the human) making sure he had all the right info. So after working in a 35 degree spring day yesterday with his dad and his Pa, we now have a wonderful 60m fence to keep Curly (the sheep) and as a bonus, the chickens in as well.

So here are a few adorable photos of our new little CURLY.
 He is still bottle fed so Sasha/John was up at 6.15 this morning making his bottle and feeding him.
  His mum was unable to look after him and his twin died not long after being born so Sash is his new carer.

I am looking forward to when he will need shearing so I can spin the wool and crochet a blanket to keep us warm in winter.

And I am sure this will not be the end of posts on Curly and Sasha (it really is hard to call him John).

What do you think...are we mad??.....maybe just a little???

I would love to hear from you ♥ Jo


  1. I just want to cuddle Curly, how beautiful! Such a gorgeous story for how Curly came to choose your place to call home! Can I come visit with the girls? Lol. Well done John you chose well! xox Toni D

  2. Oh Curly is more than just a bit cute, I want one too!
    And what is with this weather!?

  3. Curly is so cute. Not mad at all! I'd love to have a sheep or goat (or two!).

  4. Thanks Toni, Shannon and Stace....come over anytime after school Toni.
    And Shannon, yes the weather is amazing...I must admit I love the warmer days.

  5. aww, curly is so adorable! and looking very happy at your place

  6. Omg he is soooo cute! How amazing will it be to make your own blanket from your own hand raised sheepy! ♥

  7. Jo he's soooo cute!!!!I always wanted a little lamb too or a baby goat!They are just the cutest things in the world!!Love that Sash thinks he needs a name change!!Brill!!

  8. Curly is so darn cute!! and how cool would it be to knit with wool that came from him? :)

  9. Thanks for all the comments....I know - how cool to make the blanket from his fleece.....I am really, really looking forward to that. What a special thing to do ♥

  10. Aww curly is so cute. Sad about his twin and mom but I'm happy he has a loving home with you all. Good thing you have that spindle in the way- but with an entire fleece to spin I think you might need to get a wheel!

    Thanks for visiting my blog- I'm glad I found yours!

  11. a bit like Pelle's new suit... sorta!