Saturday, 24 September 2011

breathe is school holidays.....

Well I think this....I think "yah school holidays" - time to breathe a little and slow down and get some of the much needed jobs done around the house and get on top of my business. I am fooling myself really as I always over extend myself and therefore everyone around me. I am a bit of a workaholic (I know where my Sasha gets it from) and I can always organise both Justin and myself and also the kids.

I have high hopes of painting the house..this is one that I really don't think will happen. For starters everyone is quite happy with it being blue - I am ready for it to be white. We are having building steps days and walk in wardrobe building days. The beauty of old weatherboard farmhouses is that you can cut out here and add on there and it all works out. We are also doing renovations to the chook house as the chickens keep going into Curly's (the sheep's) little bedroom to lay their eggs and then he comes along and squashes them which is not good.
Amongst all this I will be dyeing wool and felt to try to get ahead a little. Which brings me to today. I was going to spend the day sewing and crocheting my blanket together but instead I am a little tired. I heard an imaginary phone ring at 1.30 this morning and ran to answer it in the kitchen. Both my teenagers were staying out for the night so I immediately thought of them. But as I said it was all in my head...I must have been dreaming it. As a consequence I couldn't go back to sleep and ended up listening to podcasts of Women in business - Australian Business Network at 3am. I am working on an order for Luisa from Dance in my garden and she mentioned them the other day so what else is there to do at 3am (except sleep of course). It is the "can't waste a moment" part of me which was still working at that hour.

Here are some photos of the amazing vintage fabrics I picked up yesterday - some from op shops and some from a specialty fabric shop. The second one is of some Christmas bunting I have just started working on....don't you just love bunting?

And an update on the new family member.....he is sooooo cute. He comes for walks around the block in the mornings and afternoons with Puddles (the dog) and Sasha and myself. Sasha has been getting up at 6ish to feed him his bottle. Here they are....
Sasha is out there now with Pa building him a shelter. I will show you that next time.
Hope you are all enjoying your weekend were ever you are. 
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  1. Yay! I LOVE bunting! Also love your lamby! Gorgeous. xo

  2. Butings are a great easy idea, you've inspired me to make a Christmas one that you can just put up quickly every year to give that instant holiday theme....

  3. yes I know - how easy to just put up every year. I will show you mine once school goes back as this Wednesday is our sewing day. I am soooo excited. I don't usually find the time.

  4. Hi Jo! It's not quite school holidays for us in the Territory so I am living through you! Week 10 so only 4 more days then a week off. I really need as the weather is warming up and my little 8 month old Benji has decided he misses too much if he sleeps so we are frequently up through the night then he blessed me with a 4:45am wake up!! Oh well, the joys of motherhood...

  5. 4.45am - what a lovely time to be awake and do some crocheting....ha ha. Just remember it won't be like this for ever!! Happy resting ♥Jo