Monday, 24 October 2011

An ETSY update....

I have been busy today adding to my ETSY shop as many of my crafty goodies as I can....It is so much easier than adding to my website. 

I have been working on hand dyeing mohair and thought I would show you. 
Mohair is perfect for doll's hair as it is lovely and soft and can be plaited just like real hair. I can actually dye any colour you like.....purple, green, blue...really whatever you like!!!

I am just waiting on my boucle mohair to arrive in the mail.....a nice loopy mohair..... and then I will dye that in similar colours.....I can't wait. I love it when I hear the postie van beep, beep as he nears the house.

I will be adding more goodies soon so stay tuned.

♥♥ Jo


  1. Such gorgeous, luscious colours! They're making my needles twitch...

  2. Oh thanks Anna.....they are so lovely and soft too and I can't wait to add to the collection when my order arrives.....