Saturday, 22 October 2011

I am lovin'.....owls

Owls are such amazing creatures...did you know that they have three eyelids?.....amazing isn't it? One is for blinking, one is for sleeping and one is for keeping the eye clean and healthy. I learnt this fact from here and there are nineteen more fun Owly facts.
This owl that watches over our garden day and night was an op shop find probably around 10 years ago.I love those huge orange eyes....

What an amazing photo this one is....I wouldn't imagine the owl staying there like that....

I don't have any OWLY things in my shop unfortunately.....if you or you know of anyone that makes anything 'Owl like' out of natural materials and you/they wholesale them can you please, please contact me...I would love to hear from you.

*There is a really cool OWL PILLOW PATTERN AND TUTORIAL here

*Other great OWLY things I have found....

via Etsy store - I actually couldn't resist this one.....going to make some Chrissy pressies with it.

Do you love owls too and think they are just the cutest.....or do you have another bird or animal fetish?
Hope your weekend, where ever you are has been wonderful. I have been dyeing mohair for dolls hair so will show you that next time.

Take care ♥Jo


  1. Ooh, I love love love those crazy colorful patchwork crochet owls. Thanks for your comment re: the pincushions. Do stay in touch (and keep a look-out on my blog.) I'm thinking perhaps late spring or early summer to have another swap... It should be a nice one! (email me and I'll tell you what it is I'm thinking of setting up to swap...)


  2. What fun to see a blog from 'up the road'...I live in Murwillumbah. And I've actually shopped at your little shop...I bought some hand dyed wool felt and roving to felt. I'm often in Mullum so will stop by sometime.

    Enjoying your blog too, lots to see.

  3. Yes Nanette, it is nice to read and support someone near by. Thanks for finding me. I would love to see you in my little shop soon....that would be very exciting. I am also involved in a pop up shop starting on the 7th November in the front shop of the old bakery (where the florist is) in Mullum town which is exciting too!!
    Xox Jo

  4. What a gorgeous owly post! I especially like the one of the poor owl being hosed and looking so thoroughly unamused :)

  5. Oh thank you Anna, I know...that photo is kind of makes me cringe but he could just fly away so he must be loving it!!!!

  6. Hi Jo, love the owls. We have the tawny frogmouth here in Tasmania and it is just gorgeous but a little elusive which is probably a good thing really. I'm putting the picture of the owl getting showered on my desktop - its a beauty.

  7. Oh you are very lucky to have one around you all the time.....classic photo isn't it??

  8. Hi Jo, thanks for your email re The Slap. We've been moving so only back in the swing of things now. Thought you'd love this blog and her generous calendar for 2012. Have a peep:

    Best, Stacey