Wednesday, 19 October 2011

just update...

Just a little online update in preparation for Christmas.....My shop is overflowing with goodies at the moment making set up and pack up a bigger job than usual for me and my helping fairies (my two youngest ones and hubby).
At this time of the year I don't get a chance to update the website so I will let you know here and on my facebook page.

RAINBOW NESTING BOXES - set of 10 only $35. 
Children will love nesting, stacking and building with this set of 10 rainbow coloured wooden boxes...... made with non-toxic paint and child safe materials. Recommended age: 18 months +
This doll carrier is perfect for creative play....ideal  for a doll around 30-40cms....(I have hand made Steiner dolls too that I can email photos if you are interested)
The carrier is 40 x 25 x 12 cm's.....too cute!!

Gorgeous tree house made of recycled branches. the set comes with 2 wooden dolls. Housed in wooden box with a lid. Recommended age is 3+

Email me at if you have any questions or thoughts. If ordering please include your postal address so I can calculate postage. 

Is life just a bit of a crazy rush for you too or have you got a more relaxed system in place. Please let me know what you do. I read a great post a few days ago by "motherwho"  about organisation around meal times which I plan to take on board. Check it out here...

Take care ♥ Jo


  1. Wow Jo, those tree houses are a great price!
    We have stacking boxes, VERY similar to those and the boys have always loved them. They usually are towered to become a volcano these days, with a playcloth over them and a poor creature standing at the top, crying "I don't want to fall into the lava".
    5 year olds?!

  2. Ha ha! I have tried and tried to be an organised person. It doesn't work for me, I find it more stressful trying to be organised than our usual chaos :)

    I am working 4 days a week this year (aswell as the toy business from home), which has proven tricky in managing us all, but hey its october and no one has scurvy so I consider life a success :)


  3. Thanks Aleta and Jacqueline,
    Both these coments made me smile...I could just imagine the boys and their tower and the imaginary lava AND I know what you mean Jacqueline......I am pretty much with you but I quite often wish I was more like those other types.....those super organized ones. The ones that wouldn't forget to put the roast chicken in the oven (like I did last night) because she was busy making another mess around the sewing machine.
    Oh well....I can dream xox Jo

  4. Just think Jo, if EVERYONE was super organised, what would the world be like...terrible! The world needs us chaotic types for balance :)

    Aleta, I work in a kindergarten and the things the 3,4 and 5 yr olds come up with keep us very amused :)


  5. Bookmarking for Xmas RIGHT NOW!

  6. we were lucky enough to meet curly yesterday, now everyone at home wants a curly too!! love your blog jo, and you know how much i love your shop :) great to see you are out in blog world sharing all your beautiful treasures that we are lucky to see, touch and fall in love with each time we enter your magical world you call indigo inspirations. yah for new goodies!! x

  7. Oh Carole....that is sooooo nice. Yes Curly was much loved yesterday when he spent the day with me at the shop eating and getting lots of cuddles,
    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.....I love my customers too!!!!!
    Xox Jo