Friday, 7 October 2011

Jack (John/Sasha) of all trades.....

My little Sasha is a bundle of enthusiasm and energy. He is the family researcher and the family doer. I was going through my photos today while trying to clean up my desktop (ha) and realised how versatile he has been over the last few weeks. 

Firstly, he built a house with Pa for Curly the Sheep to sleep in ....

and here it is again with its bunting ♥♥

Then he made a pair of groovy shorts - red with white pokka dots....

The finished product......he hasn't really taken them off the undies.. 
He fell off his scooter (while riding down a hill) and landed himself with 4 stitches in his knee but that didn't stop him from getting behind the sewing machine.

Then their was a cupboard to make with dad....

And sheep to look after.....
and chocolate covered strawberries to make......and eat.
oh and here is Curly at school ♥
School holidays are almost over.....I am a little sad as I am soooo enjoying the house full of laughter and plans for what to make next. I purchased an overlocker a few days ago so am looking forward to having time to make more clothes...
Thanks so much for taking the time to read through my blog....I really appreciate it.
♥♥ Jo


  1. If we give you the wool, could you make us one...Definitely our Sasha will be Australia's most eligible bachelor in a few years! You'll need to vet then - the candidates

  2. Wow - busy times at your place! Hope back to school goes smoothly tomorrow and you get to have a play with your overlocker!!