Monday, 10 October 2011

wool. wool and more wool.....

I close my shop in school holidays.....I open it up again tomorrow until the end of this school term and "oh my god" - until Christmas. For those of you that are new here, I have a small shop which is jam packed with wool and felt and other craft goodies, books, children's toys and puzzles. I take up a large area outside the shop as well. It is on the grounds of Shearwater - the Mullumbimby Steiner School and is open to everyone....I have customers who travel quite a distance because of the difficulty of finding natural, quality craft items and especially wool felt and I post world wide which is pretty exciting.

Which brings me to today - my last day of frantically trying to restock my supplies of hand painted wool. I had a wonderful customer a few weeks ago who almost took home all my wool in stock so I had a lot to replace. It is quite a time consuming job. I buy all the wool in different plys, soak it, paint it, cook it, rinse it, dry it and then it usually ends up in 50gm balls ($10).....(that is a sit in front of the TV kind of job).  I also sell it in 100gm ($19.50), 200gm ($30)  and if it comes in it 250gm ($36) hanks.

I also sell it in my ETSY store and on my website and am continually experimenting with colour combinations for new listings. I sooooo love what I do!!!! and feel very, very lucky especially on beautiful spring days like today.

Happy about: I have just received a copy of Pip Lincolne's Sew La Tea Do book and can't wait to make a new dress from it. (not her latest book - I haven't won that one yet.)
Reading: the latest issue of Papier Mache Magazine.
Favourite blog post I have read lately - Ivy Nest
Listening to: (sad but true) Australian Business Women's Network Podcasts.
In my craft basket: still stitching together my crochet blanket.....I will get there by next winter, I promise.
Grateful for: the sun and the rain.
Watching: The slap.....have you....what did you think??

Would love to hear from you  ♥ Jo


  1. Hi Jo,

    I swear I just about hyperventilate when I see your wool!

    So glad you found me so I could find your wool :) and I havent even looked at your felt yet :)

  2. Your yarn is just gorgeous Jo, I love the vibrancy of the colours you use. I had no idea it was all done by hand.


  3. Hi Jacqueline, I hope it was hyperventilating in a good way.....the magic of the internet - finding other likeminded it!!!

    Thanks Tammi for your comment.....yes all done by hand.....that is why it takes so long....lucky I love it so much ♥Jo

  4. Your yarn is lovely Jo, so vibrant.

    I never finished my crochet blankets so it's next Winter for me too.

    I missed The Slap starting which is annoying, that what happens when I get caught up in sewing! Have just set it to record from now on.

    Best, Stacey

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