Friday, 14 October 2011

teapots flowers, cups and saucers flowers.....and Curly

 I stumbled upon this "Teapots flowers" on facebook last week and was inspired to take a photo of my own. I often use whatever is lying around that is the right size as a vase.....and as our garden is beautifully decorated with happy nasturtiums at the moment and they don't have very long stems, I chose one of my favourite op shop finds....a Royal Doulton cup and saucer with purple flowers......don't you just love those self seeding smiley faces......oh and those great op shop finds?
This morning Sasha went out to feed Curly the sheep to find that he couldn't stand up....we took him straight to the vet and found out that he had a tick. We just went to visit him in hospital and were shocked to see him....he doesn't look very "Curly" at the moment......they had to shave him to see if there were any more ticks. He will stay in over night and hopefully be home with us tomorrow. 
Of course we bought his fleece home but not sure yet what we will do with it.
It is very quiet around here without him ♥♥
I hope you are having a lovely weekend. I am off for a nice cuppa and maybe a tim tam (all the banana bread and anzac cookies the kids made have all gone)


  1. beautiful op shop find Jo, sorry to hear Curly had a tick. :( So glad he has seen the vet, he will come back to you stronger than ever, with any luck!

  2. Thanks Toni.....the joys of the sheep farmer....xox Jo

  3. Oh poor Curly! I hope he feels much better soon. Those blasted ticks ~ I'm not loving them myself either. We find one on my little guys every other day.
    I just LOVE the idea of teapot flowerpots. I know what I'll be seeking out next op shop visit! ღ

  4. Thanks Aleta....he seems much we just have to try and keep him quiet and calm.....not as easy as it sounds. ♥Jo