Sunday, 29 January 2012

from this to.....this!!!!

I just love it when I receive a delivery of is so yummy and soft and creamy. It doesn't stay that way for long....I usually work to orders, so as soon as the order comes in, I get to painting. 

The ever so talented Lanie from Bambino Lane Designs uses alot of my wool in her designs. She popped down today to pick up her latest order and to show me some of her pieces.....these little booties (rainbow) and this stunning little dress (autumn rainbow) are just so adorable (and neat...I wish I could do that) 
And then I received a nice little Facebook message from her....this photo below....I just LOVE it!!!!

I have recently become a little hooked on Instagram.....are you too??? It has a whole heap of filters to transform the look and feel of your photo and then you post it straight to is heaps of fun.
Here is some rainbow boucle mohair I took the other day on Instagram....

and 12ply rainbow....

and trusty work companion...

Tomorrow I am off to my little Indigo Inspirations shop at Shearwater for the cleanup/setup ready for opening on Wednesday....I wish I had a little Indigo fairy to do it for me.

Oh well I don't, so clean I must!!!!!

See you soon ♥Jo